Login to asterisk queue as dynamic agent in astercrm agent interface

By October 22, 2010asterCRM, Tutorials

In astercrm version 0.7 ,  we can login to queue which assigned to campaigns as dynamic agent in portal page.

Set “queue number” and “queue context” for campaign:

queue context: which context will be used when login to queue, for example:exteinsion is 8000,set queue context to from-queue,then login to queue as Local/8000@from-queue/n 。

login to astercrm,the queues will display in “Campaign Pannel(Queue)”:

click login button after campaign-1(1000),will login to queue 1000 as Local/8000@from-queue/n, login button turn to logoff:

execute queue show 1000 in asterisk Cli:

then could use pause/continue to control agent if receive incoming call from queue:

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