Every business needs marketing, telemarketing is one of the most important way

asterCC is not only telephone management systems, but also provide you with a sales staff and customer management tool

System admin

Create agents and groups

Use quick setup to create account, device and agent. Put agents into agent group, set group admin(supervisor). One agent could belong to multiple agent groups.

Config agent phone

Each agent need to bind a number, it could be softphone, IP phone, ATA or phone number, when agent use a softphone, system will bind agent to softphone when he login.

Create campaign

To create a new campaign, you just need to enter campaign name and select agent group. For further usage, you can bind a survey or simply use text call script.


Import leads

asterCC supports CSV/XLS file import, with “Import & Play” features, you don’t need to config customer form before import, system will create automatically.

Config compaign

Common campaign parameters includes: callerId, get data method, ACW mode, quick scheduler options, auto-recycle etc.

Config customer form

According your need, you can adjust customer information layout and set permission.

Realtime monitor

Realtime monitor page could read agent status, idle/ringing/talking/ACW/pause(with reason). In report, you can read agent stat in a period of time.


Search under certain condition, such as, success submit, QA pass etc, asterCC supports auto-report, like you can config it to send you report 8 pm everyday. You can also export data with call recording.


Agent get leads

If you don’t want to assign leads to agent, they can obtain by himself, you can config how many leads one agent could obtain each time and how many leads he can have.

Start work

Agent could choose preview dial or auto-dial. Using auto-dial, system will call agent based on new and schedule agents.

Collect information

When agent start to talk with customer, he can fill customer information, survey according to call script.

Submit result

When call finished, agent need to save customer status(pending, failure, success) and call result. When it’s a pending, agent also need to save date time for next call.

QA agent

QA agent could listen to recordings, mark if it’s QA passed, and rate the agent, if these’s defects, system will notify the agent .


Telephony marketing is similiar to outscourcing call center, the biggest different is that usually telephony marketing agent only sale one products:

  • Fixed target groups
  • High customer satisfaction wanted
  • Sales lead generally need to be protected
  • Customer information may also be in need of protection
  • Scale general seats
  • Call centers will include both inbound and outbound calls


  • For different sales targets, you can use the outbound business package or individual client package
  • Agent could use softphone, IP phone, ATA or regular phone
  • Pre-defined SMS/Email template, click to send or hangup to send
  • Customers could be moved within different campaigns
  • Agent just need browser to work
  • Send mass messages based on customer tag
  • E-commerce module can be combined with the completion of the full sales process
  • No contact with the customer a certain time will be assigned automatically recovered


  • direct dial, preview dial, automatically dial, scheduler dial, predictive dial
  • supervisor could assign leads to agents by percentage or certan conditions, agent can also obtain as he need
  • using filter,  you could move customer to dial list as you wish
  • customizable customer form, easy to use
  • customizable call result for better use and statistics
  • Default customer classify: new, pending, failure, succeed
  • QA ensures your agents talk well
  • Custom data rollback, help to manage customer information
  • Use survey or text as call script
  • Hiding customer contact for better privacy
  • Use permission to control if customer information item is readable, modified or hidden
  • Do Not Call list, nobody can dial to a number in DNC list, agent could add a customer to the list by one click
  • Each agent could have his own DID number to receive customer callback
  • Phone bind, you can bind multple phone number to same individual or enterprise
  • Missed call callback, click missed call will callback customer, then it’s marked as “Called” to avoid duplicated callback