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Rich functionality

asterCC commercial provides not only  contact center features, but also CRM modules.  To most users, you don’t need extra investment to integrate with other system.

Completely document

asterCC wiki provides online manual. It also provides sample code, user case, how-to for various scenario. We also keep publishing tutorials and how-to about VoIP and network to help you better manage your system.

Module for business

Besides telephony core,asterCC is composed with different modules. No matter tele-marketing, outsourcing call center, enterprise pbx or inbound IVR, all you need to do is click mouse, finish configuration via web GUI.

Customizable and various reports

When you run a call center, you could read what’s happening via various text and graphic reports provides by astercc. You can configure what you need in a report, download from web UI also system could send you latest report via email.

Rapid deployment

asterCC is IP based system, so agent could work anywhere via local network/VPN/internet. Using asterCC BOX ISO, your could install asterCC on any server in 15mins.

Multi-tenant system

asterCC is designed as a multi-tenant system, you can provide hosting service for your clients. With billing features, asterCC will send invoices for inbound, outbound calls and DID numbers.

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How to write call center script effectively

Why did IVR use more than a thousand calls per week?

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Call centre integration

Virtual office

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) digital receptionist


CATI (Computer-assisted telephone interviewing) survey

  • mutli-tenant
  • customized role and privilige
  • call recording
  • voicemail
  • inbound route
  • outbound route
  • ring group
  • IVR
  • call popup, consult, transfer
  • spy, whisper, barge-in, block, conference
  • realtime agent status mnitor
  • agent idle/busy, agent pause/unpause
  • click dial, click send SMS/Email
  • hangup SMS/Email
  • TTS
  • Maps
  • Queue
  • Music On Hold
  • Agent calandar
  • customized custom field
  • import/export
  • backup plan
  • callerId management
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15mins installation, 15mins configuration, it’s so easy to start follow our step by step tutorial.



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