Good for resue with the same group of agents for multiple clients to handle incoming calls from different numbers.

Virtual office

Virtual reception


Billing: billing based on agent service duration 

Transfer list: Set a transfer list for different clients, click to transfer caller to end user if need.


Call center A provides service for client B, C, D, provides agents to answer customer service calls, open ticket to technical department if need, service level is 7×24.

B,C,D already has their own premium numbers as custom service call number.

In order to save labor costs, play to their maximum effectiveness, we need to make every agent at any time to any one company to provide customer service and to ensure independence of the three companies.

Each company has its own call flow

With Company B, for example:

When customer Y call company B, call is forward to A, based on DID number, we know customer wants to reach company B, system plays corresponding IVR.

Agent gets popup page, displays information of B, and welcome word, if Y has called, it also shows information of caller Y. For advanced questions, agent could transfer to tech staff in company B via contact list.

According to Y’s question, agent could answer with knowledge base of B.

System could provide contacts, calls history, work tickets, call recordings etc to company B.