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The process of passing the call

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Why is the call flow important?

Call flow and call center agents are the two elements at the forefront, which largely determine the experience provided by the contact center.
Excellent call center customer service staff have “internal” empathy, patience and other qualities of being with others.
Or, they spent time and energy to develop these tools.

Agents can also receive training on product or service communication and knowledge to improve customer experience.

Similarly, the call flow also comes with building blocks such as call queues and automatic routing to improve the operational efficiency of the phone team.
However, just like a well-designed call process, the call process can be better executed and deliver “amazing moments”.
When agents and call flow work together, you can get the best call center experience.

What is the call flow?

But first, we have to discuss the call flow on the same page.
The call flow is usually defined as a work flow, which determines the entire process of the call from the beginning to the end in the call center.
This journey must be uninterrupted, and it needs to achieve its purpose or at least a step towards achieving it.
Your call flow must essentially ensure that no caller is traveling.

Note: According to call centers, call scripts are sometimes called call flow.

You can read more about call center scripts here.

Follow 4 main call flow templates

These are tactical methods of using the phone process to ensure an excellent call experience.

1) Simple but powerful call queue with waiting queue call flow

Call queues can effectively route your inbound calls to the correct agent or department.
To establish a queue-based call flow, you can start by assigning a call queue to one or more numbers.
For example, if you have local numbers in seven cities and you have a team that answers all inbound calls, you can assign a call queue to all local numbers.
When we combine it with backup options or waiting queues, call queues will become powerful.

If your business agent is busy or does not answer the call, you can send the call to the voice mailbox and provide a callback. If the caller knows the extension number, it will represent the agent’s extension in another call queue, and the business agent can answer the call.

Automatic routing call flow (more on this later) You can also send them to the waiting queue, where the caller can choose to call back or wait for the agent to answer.

2) Classic IVR call flow

Since it has existed for more than half a century, IVR can arouse a strong response from customers.

However, if they are set up properly and used in combination with other call routing features, they will be a powerful tool to speed up resolution and manage the number of incoming calls in an organized way.​​​
As can be seen from the above call flow chart, by pairing IVR with –, a call flow call queue can be created to route to the correct department, and another IVR menu is used to collect more detailed information.

Agent extension (if the caller knows the extension number and wants to contact a specific call center agent immediately)

If you wish to apply custom routing conditions based on real-time information provided on any tool integrated with CRM, help desk, or telephone system, perform automatic routing of calls. These combinations of workflows make IVR a more independent method of splitting calls than using it alone
A more effective call routing solution.

3) Data-driven call flow for routing automation

Routing automation or automatic routing enables you to route callers based on dynamic real-time input from external systems or software used by the enterprise and integrated with the telephone system.

Routing automation can be used in conjunction with call queues and IVR.
First, you need to select the application from which you need to transfer data.
Then, create call routing conditions based on the input of the above application, and then use the routing automation function to build a full-featured call flow.
Suppose you need to create a separate call flow for VIP customers or priority callers.
Or, you are running a helpline, some of which require the earliest contact with the responder.
In this case, routing automation shines.
You can use their phone number or location to determine if you need to route callers to agents faster.

4) Voicebot priority call flow, that is, the future call flow

Voice robots are an excellent way to ensure your business’s voice is online 24×7 every day, especially after get off work or holidays.

They are also a good way to deflect common queries and handle large numbers of calls.
Voice robots can provide instant answers to callers without calling on-site agents.
In the event that they cannot answer the question, they can transfer the call to a backup option.

For example, voice mail routing (if outside business hours) or routing to agents during business hours.

And, the best thing about voice robots is that they will get better in training.
With more input from you, the voice robot can develop to face a wider range of queries and share the workload of call center agents.
The main advantage of all these templates is to understand that different functions can be combined to create the best experience.
The absence of routing is an exception in itself.
When we pair IVR with routing automation, it gets better.
When paired with good backup options, routing automation becomes better.
But most importantly, when paired with an excellent call center agent, the call flow will be infinitely better.
This is for humans and technicians to work together to provide the best customer experience.

How cloud phones can benefit small businesses

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Imagine you call a company, which company would you trust?
This company will broadcast a professional welcome message and ask you to select the department you want to talk to from the menu.
In the past, only those companies with deep pockets could afford sophisticated telephone systems with voice mail, interactive voice response, call routing and more advanced features.
Small businesses are at a disadvantage and cannot establish a sound image.
Small and medium enterprises will benefit the most from cloud phones. They have changed the rules of the game for small and medium enterprises and enabled them to compete with large enterprises.

Why should small businesses migrate to the cloud?
Essentially, cloud phones have a large number of features to meet the exact needs of small and medium-sized enterprises,

Less cost

Can be set up without technical assistance

No maintenance

Can be easily expanded


The local telephone system is about to decline—in fact, the FCC voted in 2016 to phase out the old copper network and begin the transition to Internet-based telephone services.

The following factors make cloud phones particularly attractive to small businesses:

1. Scalability

The buyer’s report of software recommendations mentioned: “The need for scalability is the primary reason for evaluating new VoIP systems.” Small businesses will develop in the future, which means they need flexibility.
After communicating with many of our customers, we learned about the benefits of cloud phones, especially in terms of scalability. Cloud phones have brought small businesses-many companies that used hard phones before, once opened in different locations and started to expand,
Its telephone system cannot be maintained.
Keep up with their rapid growth.
They realize that the local phone system will not cut costs, and they can add users to the cloud phone system with one click.
There is no need to make any infrastructure changes, and these changes will incur a lot of cost and time-consuming, these are two valuable resources that small businesses cannot afford.

2. Integration with business tools

Using different tools can adversely affect customer support and sales processes.
Imagine that when a sales agent talks with potential customers, they will have to make important records, maybe follow up, and they may have to track many of their potential customers.
Similarly, the support agent will have to follow up with the customer multiple times to ensure that the query has been resolved.
Hardware phones can cause trouble in this process-agents or representatives cannot link their calls to potential customers, they will not be able to track their inquiries, and things can quickly become messy.
This will affect their productivity, and more importantly, their morale.
With cloud phone, they can easily integrate their phone system with their CRM or help desk-every call can be easily attributed to the customer.
They don’t have to switch between multiple tools, all data is in one place.
Simplified workflow can create miracles for enterprises.
One of our customers was expanding rapidly and eventually missed many calls.
In their own words, since moving to the cloud phone system, “they have added much-needed orders in the chaotic workflow” and have been able to reduce missed calls by as much as 35%.

3. Analysis and report

In today’s world, you will realize that the person who owns the data is king.
Easily accessible data is important for analyzing and making business decisions – according to a Deloitte study, 72% of companies believe they can use analytics to improve the customer experience.
Most local phone systems lack analytical capabilities and therefore cannot understand or understand the performance of the team or measure customer satisfaction.
For a small business, this can make a difference. Aggressive companies and companies that set goals and closely monitor their performance tend to develop better than those that don’t.
For small businesses in the dark, they cannot afford to take risks.
Small business phone systems use functions such as call records to provide them with data, and they can go back and analyze what they did right and where they went wrong.
With valuable analytical tools, small businesses can now quantitatively evaluate their performance and provide a better customer experience.

4. Liquidity

Customers want prompt answers when inquiries-you won’t miss customer calls if you are not on your desk.
Small businesses can score high on customer service, while large businesses may find it difficult to provide personalized and timely customer service.
The business deployed in the on-premises system is tied to their desk (and past).
Small businesses can use cloud phones to quickly respond to customers, no matter where they are-all they need is a working Internet connection.
This provides great flexibility for small business owners to stay connected even when they are not in the office.
This also opens up possibilities for remote work and remote commuting.
A study by CoSo Cloud shows that 77% of employees report higher productivity when working remotely-remote work is on the rise and will continue.
Small businesses will also benefit the most-space can be a big factor for start-ups, and remote hiring means they can save on rent, which also gives them the flexibility to hire agents temporarily if additional bandwidth is needed.
Remote work is also good for the environment-even big brands like Dell have tried remote work and found that their American workforce avoids 2.7 billion round trips through remote commuting each year-which is equivalent to reducing the commuting footprint by 30 million tons per year
Carbon dioxide emissions.

5. Save cost

Small businesses need economy, and there is nothing better than cloud phone systems in terms of cost savings.
According to data from, VoIP can reduce the initial cost of starting a business by approximately 90%.
Consider (if not for cloud phones), small businesses have to buy hard phones, get phone lines, set up servers, hire technical help, not to mention rent a lot of space to accommodate your phone system, which adds to the duplication
Sexual maintenance fees and contracts allow you to lock this setting for at least 3-5 years.
For local calls, small businesses using VoIP are expected to save 40% compared to the current system. This is because most cloud phone systems provide lower call rates, and businesses can purchase local calls in other countries and make local calls
The phone uses the cloud phone system for charging.

It’s time to show the real technology of astercc!

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Fighting sports and operating enterprises are interlinked to a certain extent, and all competitors stand on their own arena to fight. Except for the reason of strength, when two rivals of equal strength are together, it must be the talent with a more complete combat strategy that can win. There is a good saying: Develop strategies to defeat every new opponent.

But when operating a call center, having the right phone system is like a fighter’s nirvana.This will help you execute your business strategy reasonably and accurately. Call centers have a huge market, and the most important thing is strong competitors. But you must first make it clear that what you need is the most suitable call center for your business, not the call center with the loudest advertising in the industry. Because the right call center can reshape your entire business, and minimize unnecessary expenses, really achieve, spend the least money to have the strongest strategy.

After getting the most suitable solution, you first need to understand the functional components of an ideal business call center system.
The following suggestions can help you make the right choice.

Enhanced features of the champion call center

Whether it is a competition or a call center system, the champion is always better than others in some places. The following are some commonly used functions in the champion call center system.

Timely release

Time is a luxury, whether for a startup company that has been established for a few weeks or a company with decades of history. The ideal call center can enable enterprises to enter the market quickly. Register and purchase local or international numbers to set up armor queues, add call center teams, etc. The entire process should save time.

Easy to expand

The fast-growing business needs a qualified call center system that can be easily expanded to cope with the fluctuating call volume.

Call center to solve the problem

The call center software should help agents quickly solve customer problems, and the call center itself should not be able to cause call processing problems. Therefore, functions such as call routing, multi-layer IVR, real-time call queue and agent availability, call center monitoring, etc. are needed.

Convenient to save more expenses

A truly excellent call center should not have too much overhead, but it can bring higher functionality. Ideally, he should be free to try for a period of time so that you can understand which solution is best for the needs of the business. Why astercc can stand out among many competitors? First of all, in terms of pricing, our strict adherents strive to get a good return on investment for every penny spent by your business. Compared with other call centers in the same period, we have no special requirements for your enterprise structure and user base. Even if you only have one user, our system can let you experience it. In terms of user development, astercc provides you with three plans. You can choose the identity of management or seat group leader to choose the required configuration, and the system can meet your expansion at any time. You can select a user and a number to select all plans, and expand as needed. You can quickly view plans and related functions from the navigation page of astercc.

Common call center functions

1. Conference call

2. Voice mail

3. Call recording

4. Call transfer

5. Multi-level IVR

6. Seat status

7. Blacklist and whitelist


The core of astercc’s ability to stand out is that in addition to some common call center functions, it also has a complete pre-dial function. If the agent manually enters the call, there will be input errors or dialing failures, etc., and some problems that waste the working time of the agent occur. The pre-dial function of astercc completely circumvents this problem. The system automatically dials and routes to idle seats when connected.

Smart upgrade

Every call is an opportunity to expand customers. The guarantee of the quality of each call is the cornerstone of the customer’s establishment. The guarantee of the quality of the call is the guarantee to the customer, so the quality inspection of the call is indispensable. Most quality inspections on the market now remain in manual quality inspections. It is necessary to manually listen to the call recording to inspect and classify the call quality according to the subjective judgment of the quality inspector. This usually has a personal subjective consciousness. It is a possibility that listening to the recording completely wastes a lot of time, and the quality inspection result is not very accurate. The intelligent quality inspection function of astercc can completely avoid some of the existing drawbacks. The perfect voice translation model converts the voice into text, and the key unqualified sentences will be marked in red, so that the quality inspector avoids a lot of voice listening from beginning to end when listening, and the quality inspection problem can be solved by looking at the text directly. Simple, time-saving and labor-saving.

astercc can bring you more

What are amazing predictive dialer features of your call center system?

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A predictive dialer is very important when you have to handle multiple calls without the fear of dropping a call. Predictive dialer is an integral part of a call center. This kind of software is also known as an automated dialing system. Call center and telemarketers uses this software to lessen the pressure of dialing multiple numbers manually. This automated dialing system is specially designed to connect the call when a live person responds to the call. As soon as the connection turns live it is forwarded to a live operator.

Predictive dialer providers offer more efficient customer care service with the great call center, dialer adopts many other useful roles. Predictive dialer features are as follows:

No more wasting time

Predictive dialer features include the prediction of each call. The dialer chooses from the list of client’s number and dial calls automatically on the completion of the former. Your targeted client will get connected when he will receive the call. The system never misses any numbers. If a call is not answered then the automated dialing system switches over to another number in the order of numbers. The process is quick and saves a considerable amount of time.

Managerial Functions

Managerial functions are also one of the great predictive dialer features. It is very helpful in making reports. It can collect a report and can even import or export one. In fact, you can also get reports on call codes, calling schedules, leads and call reminders. This makes the automated dialing system a resourceful and successful manager’s tool.

Lead Generation

Call center calling software also has the generation and control of leads. It manages the lead in a quick and efficient style. It also helps you in remembering your data by reminding you to hit the targeted amount of sales by maintaining a record of your work. The predictive dialer features also offer the performance appraisal of your work.

Sophistication in Algorithms

The predictive dialer features also include the calculation of the timing of each call with the help of special algorithms. It maintains the record of the amount of time essential to switch a single call.

Call Monitoring

Automated dialing system also monitors the quality of conversations as they record the calls. The talents and capabilities of the agents are exposed to this software.

Above were some of the amazing predictive dialer features that automated dialing system offers. Now you can easily invest in a predictive dialer system. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of any organization and you need to work on it. Our predictive dialer providers will help you in the achievement of your determined goals. Contact us to know in detail!!!

Astercc and Viking cruises have a successful cooperate in Call center customization options

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November 1, 2017, the global river giant Viking cruise ship in Loushanguan Road, the naked heart of the Chinese office celebrations officially opened. The Viking cruise ship’s personalized office building is intended to expand the Chinese market. At the same time, the personalized office needs reasonable management to realize, which is inseparable from the excellent enterprise management system. With its perfect management system and unique customization, astercc has the honor to be the first choice of the service management system of Viking cruises.

Since the establishment of Salesforce in 1999,  the global for 15 m companies are using salesforce powerful features to share customer information, Astercc has been systematically optimized several times,so that you can seamlessly dock with the salesforce system inside the Viking ship and make it easier and faster to use.

What’s more , which about Viking cruise ship choose ASTERCC another important reason is ASTERCC can afford Tailor-made agency function for him.

The astercc aims to achieve more transparent and convenient management of the agency according to customers’ requirements, and in the original basic call system specifically for its customized agency details and agency group detail function, which Can check the work situation of the agency in half an hour.

The seating group customization include about Inbound call,2s Abandon rate amount, the work of agency, Average waiting time, Average Talk Time, Abandon Rate, and the response rate of response in 20s. In addition to the above functions, the seating record is more specific to the accurate calculation of utilization. The calculation excludes loginlong, the busy lunch time, the busy time of the meeting and the length of the training. Productivity, loginlong, average ringing time, the average response speed, the length of the call, the length of the post, the average call processing time, and so on, which can make the management of the seat is more simplified and efficient.the rate of the service of the agent is improved greatly, so that the service management is maintained and the benefit of the enterprise is maximized.

ASTERCC the cooperation with the Viking cruise ship, not only the strong combination for the Viking cruise ship to bring a smooth development, but also for its high-speed development of the Chinese market to provide a more intimate service guarantee.

asterCC call center system released 2.6-rc2

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It’s been a while since last version 2.6-rc1, in this new version, we added few new features and fixed bugs we found

new features

  • new parameter ivrinputcode in astercc.conf, when it has a value, system only save correct input code(transferred) in CDR.
  • first call date in campaign module
  • agent blind transfer API
  • SMTP server support tls
  • auto fill mac into device in auto provisioning
  • address book for yealink auto provisioning
  • add agent rank report
  • add Baidu TTS support
  • use *65 to check out device agent
  • add IVR to update agent password after agent log in on phone
  • support astercc-chrome-plugin
  • add DID prio for queue
  • export callerId and DID when export work order
  • use redis to cache mysql table schema
  • auto popup work order in customer service module
  • work order could read data from customer in customer service module
  • auto exit ACW after submit option in customer service module
  • close tab after submit option in customer service module
  • new option in campaign module to prompt agent to save call result
  • allow creator or agent group admin to check work order

bug fix

  • customer status and agent was removed when import duplicated customer
  • when reset agent was checked, duplicated customer was reset
  • if username is Chinese and longer than 6 bits, agent window couldn’t be open in agent group page
  • import was slow due to a inefficient sql
  • if agent transfer a call, he could not transfer another call unless the previous call hangup
  • agent got an undefined work order notify
  • agent got no notify when work order was assign to agent group and agent
  • when assign customer in campaign, it didn’t should up customer if only team was chosen
  • import script only checked if phone1 was duplicated
Logged in as: solo (solo)

AsterCC and Shen Zhen Huo Li Tian Hui Technology Co., Ltd. for the of mobile business applications to expand customer service call center to establish cooperation

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As a leading mobile commerce application developer, Shen Zhen Huo Li Tian Hui Technology Co., Ltd. to more than 50 million business travelers to provide one-stop travel search and services, won the majority of business users favorite. As the product is in urgent need of build of customer service center function, Shen Zhen Huo Li Tian Hui Technology Co., Ltd. 2016 at the end of active contact and start cooperation with Sonicwell.


To provide users with fast consulting business is the purpose of the construction of the call center, its business distribution to Shenzhen, Wuhan and Beijing, the scope of application covers flight steward, high-speed rail housekeeper, fast hotel housekeeper. As a business application to provide business consulting business expansion, asterCC system on the customer service center efficient management and office has important significance, the formation of customer service center for customers to use mobile commerce applications to facilitate the same time, greatly promoted the service industry information And profitability.

As one of the most influential mobile Internet company in China, Shen Zhen Huo Li Tian Hui is committed to product design and service of mobile phone software development, business services, mobile community, LBS, mobile e-commerce field, deep plowing 10 years of Internet and mobile communication Server-side carrier-class product development, as a professional mobile application development and operations, Shen Zhen Huo Li Tian Hui of the Department of Science and Technology Co., Ltd. technical team and asterCC contact test system, call center based on asterCC system based on the basic call customer service function. Configuring the Active / Standby asterCC server improves the high availability of the system’s operating environment. Seat use asterCC comes with the CRM system, call configuration full recording function, work order module function to improve the efficiency of the internal work exchange agent. A work order is used for incoming customer service to create a business request submitted by a customer or an internal employee. A work order is like a tracker, can be very clear to track, deal with and archive internal and external issues of business requests. With standardized management, a clear service support process, cross-agent, cross-agent group collaboration to enhance the quality of customer support services to customers, the efficiency of the office, and then enhance the professional image of the enterprise. Report statistics and IVR agent scoring system with the use of help agents quickly grasp the seat of the working state. The schedule reminder helps the agent to build an orderly and efficient work environment. The ease of use of the system allows the administrator to manage the user management and business management directly to the subordinate business team, the liberation of manpower to make the administrator can focus more on the system maintenance and improve work efficiency.


Since the establishment of a cooperative relationship and put into use, asterCC call system performance has won the management and service personnel affirmed. The operations team has cooperated with asterCC technical staff on the system-specific customization function, so that the statistical report function is fully qualified for a variety of consulting business needs, through the joint efforts of both sides to establish a long-term stable cooperative relations.

AsterCC and the Pang Da Qi Mao Group Co., Ltd. cooperation build the 4S shop cloud call center system in china

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Customer advice, complaints, inbound are one of the important businesses that many companies after sales. Pang Da Qi Mao Group Co., Ltd is a company like this in china. And the domestic leading converged communications products and program providers Sonicwell cooperation, based on the cloud platform set up 4S shop cloud call center system, support the 4S shop customer advice complaints and call investigation call business system.


Customer consultation complaints and outreach Research are important business components of the Pang Da Qi Mao Group Co., Ltd. Customers in the purchase of automotive products at the same time, often need better after sales service. With the rapid development of communication technology, telephone consultation has become an important carrier to strengthen communication with customers. Proper and efficient communication with customers to accept customers ‘opinions on products and services is a key to win customers’ high satisfaction and profitability. The AsterCC call center system make complex consulting and statistical business has become simple, simple telephone consulting business has become more abundant, for customers to buy products and after sales service to provide a convenient.

“Efficient: here refers to every people at work, to do every job to the best, to make high efficiency, high income. “This corporate culture for the Pang Da Qi Mao Group Co., Ltd. won a large number of customers, by seeking cooperation with asterCC through long practice, call center system This idea.

Based on the concept of high efficiency, the Pang Da Qi Mao Group Co., Ltd. made the following requirements: Based on the China Xiang Yun cloud platform equipped with asterCC system set up a cloud call center, customer service using Yealink SIP phone, to achieve 24 hours a day to provide a perfect platform for customer service , Call customer service function and questionnaire function. Simple interface easy to operate, to provide simple and convenient of statistical features. So this system is able to make customer service staff clear tasks, easy to use, improve efficiency.


Long term cooperation and use, making a Pang Da Qi Mao Group Co., Ltd. asterCC call center products to win trust, but also based on the latter in the industry has made achievements and influence, Making asterCC call center solution a wider range of applications. AsterCC call center can‘t be limited by geographical and business development, Pang Da Qi Mao Group Co., Ltd. is attracted by asterCC CRM, the agent mode work page with the questionnaire is simple and efficient. At the same time asterCC call center products powerful report statistical function is to win the praise, to facilitate business management to keep abreast of customer service conditions, and for the strategic planning of enterprises play a necessary support.

asterCC commercial callcenter system released 2.6-rc1

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After 6 month, astercc multi-tenant call center system released version 2.6, besides bug fixing, it also provides the following new features:

  • trunk clone
  • queue policy: rrordered
  • conference mute
  • columo “Start At” in real time monitor page
  • predictive dialer support multi numbers for one customer
  • related feiled in work order
  • “link” field can be used to integrate with 3rd url such as google map, check How to use customized link to integrate with 3rd party system

for full change log, you can check

astercc provides 60 days 5 agents free trial, you can download from here.

asterCC multi-tenant call center system released 2.4-rc2

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====== New Features ======
==== Advanced ====

* The QC Rate is not limited from 1 to 5 any more.
==== Statistics ====

* Add the “Yesterday” quick button on the Agent Details page.

* Add the function which shell exporting for IVR Details.

* Add the Regional Report page under statistics modules.
==== Campaign ====

* To avoid misunderstanding,the “OK” button changes to “Save Auto Assign Plan” button on the assigning page under Campaigns module.

* The default distribution style of customers assgining is “by all noassign”.
==== Message ====

* The SMS server can be set up by Team.
==== Dialer ====

* Add function which hugup the ringing agents when there’s no idle agent in queue.There is the function switch under [Campaign]->[Campaign Management]->[Predictive Dialer]->[Hangup Ring When No Idle].
==== System ====

* Under the device model,the retrieval time of call-parking modified from 12 seconds to 300 seconds.
==== Customer Service ====

* Add the Agent Group field on [Customer Service]->[Missed Calls] page.
==== Agent Interface ====

* The system will stop the manually dialing if there are erroneous dialing. Add a Continue Dialing button when submit duplicate applications for dial-out.It could remove the data has been dialed before,and insert a new dialing request.

* Add the Select All checkbox function,under [Message]->[Notices]->[Add] directory,you can select all recipients.

* The format of Contact’s Hiding. Now it will be hidden 5th-8th digits from right, if it less than 5, hide all the numbers.

====== Bug Fix ======
==== User ====

* Repaired the bug which failure of recording generation when the Rec Condition is “All” and use the device model.
* Repaired the bug that can’t saved the Role twice after you don’t select the required content first on [User]->[Roles]->[Add] page.
==== PBX ====

* Repaired the limit of Device Detail length on [PBX]->[Devices] page.
* Repaired the bug that can’t edit again after saved when CIDNum has several NULL on [PBX]->[Trunks] page.
* Repaired the fields are vary with export format(.csv or .xls) on the [CDRs] page.
==== Advanced ====

* Repaired the bug that “End” can’t be modified when we add the WorkTime on [Advanced]->[Worktimes] page

==== Statistics ====

* Repaired the bug if you download the image or PDF, it will popup “select agent group” although you have selected the agents and “All Group Accumulation” on the [Agent Graph] page.
==== Campaign ====

* Repaired the bug that will delete other all datas of campaign used Main table, when you delete the datas after searching by “Updated” field on [Campaign]->[Customers] page.
==== Call Center ====

* Repaired the exporting bug that it can’t download the file when there are several blanks in exporting file name.
==== Log ====

* Repaired the fields lack in export file on [Call Events].
==== Dialer ====

* Repaired the default privilige bug of Role type is “Account”, the dialer’s page selected default, it should be controled by Roles.
* Repaired the bug that it can’t recycle the data immediately via setting “Schedule” time to 0000-00-00 00:00 on [Dialer]->[Dialer]->[Recycle] page.
==== Customer Service ====

* Repaired the bug when you export the datas by .csv format on [Customer Service]->[CDR].

==== E-Commerce ====

* Repaired the bug that the Storage Management module can’t be deleted along with uninstallation of E-Commerce module.

==== Agent Interface ====

* If the Name of customer contact information is NULL. The label name will quote the first field in [Campaign]->[Campaigns]->[Basic]->[Agent Fields]. Repaired the bug that not hide the phone number although set the “Hiding contact info.” to “Yes” when set phone1 to the first field in [Agent Fields].
* Repaired the bug that accounts can’t be listed after selected account group by administrator on [Message]->[Notices]->[Add] page of agent work interface.
* On [Dialer]->[Dialer Noanswer Cause] page,repaired the bug that can’t find the campaigns under current team when “Purview” is “Team” on [User]->[Roles]->[Privileges Setting]->[Dialer]->[Dialer Noanswer Cause].

* Repaired the display bug that when using the IE(version 8 9 10) browser,it always displayed “NAN” on status label.
* Modify the automatic dialing countdown always start from 60 seconds after every pause.
==== Background Program ====

* Repaired the memory overflow problem of http push module.
* Fixed the bug that timing file task can’t be synthesised in time.
* Repaired the bug that missing of Customer Service when we initial the demo of asterCC system.