Undertake a variety of business types, customer requirements vary

asterCC provides specialized modules for outsourcing call center, so you can focus on business expansion


An organization might outsource its call center because it is cheaper to contract a third-party than it would be to build its own in-house call center facility and management team.

Such call centers typically have the following characteristics

Call has predictable pattern
Multiple tasks are running at same time
Target customer groups compare a wide range of different projects in different target customers
Huge call volume and plenty of agents
Client pays bill according to valid call number
Need to export campaign data and recordings to clients frequently
Most are outbound calls


Trunk failover could avoid service interruption
Each campaign use dedicated table, avoid slow down due to large data
Auto backup plan avoids data loss


Agent could use softphone, IP phone, ATA or regular phone number
For different campaign you can set different call result
Each campaign has its own dial method
Agent could switch from multiple campaigns
Auto rebind agent and sip device
Different work time for campaign


Single system could support 180 onlin agents, 250 connected calls, 400 concurrent calls
Agent only need browser to work, easy for upgrade and deployment
Support various of trunking, PRI, SIP or IMS
Campaign could bind to survey, work order or e-commerce


Different campaign can use different callerId
“Import & Play” you don’t need to pre-config customer information
asterCC support direct dial, preview dial, automaticlly dial, predictive dial
Campaign can bind survey or e-commerce
Agent can work with only one phone, update call result via keypad
BPO customer could login to check campaign progress and download data
Auto-recycle, you can put customer to call list based on certain condition
Download recordings in batch
Recordings could be upload to ftp server automatically
Customized and auto report help you to save time
QA function to avoid fake data
Hiding customer contact, avoid critical information leak
Hangup SMS/Email gives customer better experience
Do not call list, avoid complaint and legal risk