asterCC v0.12 released

By June 25, 2009Latest News

asterCRM 0.059:

  • impoved send request by javascript in portal interface
  • fixed can not order in customer,diallist and dialedlist page
  • fixed can not export in note ,diallist, dialedlist, campaign,contact
  • fixed can’t find astercc license file when is not running  in ‘/opt’
  • fixed the start check of predictive doesn’t work in IE7
  • fixed can not record wher predictive

asterBilling 0.099:

  • fixed can’t display report of today
  • fixed bug in flash report
  • add check credit reseller and callshop realtime when booth calling
  • impoved send request by javascript in callshop interface
  • fixed don’t update blance when cannel limit in booth
  • add delete files what have uploaded
  • fixed can’t find astercc license file when don’t run in ‘/opt’
  • fixed ASR and ACD both are ‘0’ in report grid


  • jjj says:

    AsterCC is not really open source.

    This file is a binary, and cannot be compiled. I got ‘segmentation fault’ running on Arch Linux.

    Don’t carry the name Open Source, because you are not really open source.

  • admin says:

    astercrm have two mode, events and curcdr, no need use the compiled daemons if u choose the events type which is full open source

  • siera says:

    jjj, i am same to u.
    i think that it’s not open source..
    They(AstCC’s developments) said that it runs in 2 modes.
    And they introduced astcc as followings:

    “about asterCC

    asterCC is a software package, in which we provide two asterisk solutions for now:

    * asterCRM, an open source contact center solution for asterisk
    * asterBilling, a realtime billing solution for asterisk, could be used for hosted callshop, asterisk pbx billing

    all above in the package will use a linux daemon script named astercc, which could grab realtime CDR from asterisk, and it’s welcomed that if you want to develop your own application based astercc daemon.”

    But astcc is binary file. and astercclock, asterrc, asterctools, too…

    Don’t use term “Open Source”!!!

  • yyy says:

    What is the curcdr mode ?
    What is a role of astercc file ?

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