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Intelligent Voice Questionnaire

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The Intelligent Voice Questionnaire is still a strange technology for most people, but this technology has been slowly adopted in the latest surveys in the marketing programs of various companies.

Compared with the traditional manual questionnaire, the intelligent voice questionnaire will save more human resources.

From the traditional manual telephone survey to the current intelligent voice questionnaire based on AI, each company has reduced more human resources and time costs, and has become a new driving force for the rapid operation of enterprises.

How does the smart voice questionnaire save more energy efficiency?

First, when the company conducts a survey to the customer, the system will play the pre-recorded questionnaire content and voice prompts. When the customer needs to answer the questionnaire, we encourage the customer to use the button number on the phone to communicate with the company.

Interactive response, functionally speaking, the intelligent voice questionnaire can be combined with the prepared questionnaire questions through different buttons.At this point, the enterprise only needs to dial and collect data, and does not need to have a special agent to dial.With the development of technology, we can now use natural speech recognition to suspend the customer’s answering questions, achieve manual and timely insertion, and improve customer satisfaction and experience.

For example, companies need to do after-sales questionnaires, auto-dial in the automatic dialing system of astercc, the interviewed customers connect the phone, the system automatically plays the greeting tone before the questionnaire, enters the questionnaire, and the content of the questionnaire is recorded by the pre-recorded voice.

During the playback, the customer selects a number based on the voice prompt to perform the evaluation, and the evaluation ends to enter the end of the questionnaire, and ends the investigation, hangs up, and ends the questionnaire.

No manual intervention is required throughout the process.

The original intention of the Intelligent Voice Questionnaire was to provide a way to transfer simple and repetitive tasks from manual to machine, to automate most calls, reduce the burden on agents, and fully improve the efficiency of manual seats while ensuring service quality and customer satisfaction.


The intelligent voice questionnaire is just one of the methods of astercc to improve the efficiency of the enterprise. For more information, please contact

Construction Bank and astercc call center system work together to innovate

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 call center system | Construction Bank | outbound call | call center solution China Construction Bank Suzhou Branch is the first tier-one branch directly managed by the head office in Suzhou. There are 12 branch-level branches including Kunshan Branch and Wujiang Branch. The total number of business outlets is 225, and 360 seats of asterCC call center system software are used.

Before using the astercc call center system, Suzhou Construction Bank mainly faced the following major problems: In the first category, the problems occurred during the outbound call were complex and varied, resulting in a very high failure rate of the outbound call frequency.

The other type is that the production environment of the system itself has more defects in the logic, resulting in a large number of problems.

When Suzhou Construction Bank sought to cooperate with us, before using the asterCC call center system, we first helped Suzhou CCB conduct a comprehensive troubleshooting to solve the bugs that occurred, and the overall network hardware was also optimized for overall hardware failure.

After that, we customized the customized service according to the characteristics of Suzhou Construction Bank.

Customization 1: Due to the large number of CCB outlets and the large amount of data, the traditional manual picking and screening of data is time-consuming and laborious. Therefore, according to this situation, we develop the function of automatically assigning data according to the network. The information data-seat-sites are automatically allocated.

Reduce workload and resource investment while achieving greater returns.

Customization 2: The most important thing in the banking system is the data management of customer privacy. According to this demand, astercc successfully creates the function of data privacy processing, ensuring that the data is carried out between the server and the server, the data is not floor-to-floor, and the FTP is developed.

Greatly increase the confidentiality of data, more secure and reliable.

After the astercc call center system was built and used, the number of failures of the overall system of Suzhou Construction Bank was greatly reduced, and the success rate of the outbound call was greatly improved. This was the biggest feeling of CCB after the asterCC call center was put into use. The maintenance work of the CCB Information Department was also reduced. After the CCB recommended the asterCC call center system to the head office in Suzhou in 2018, Tianjin Construction Bank is in contact with us.In the future, astercc can bring you countless possibilities to maximize benefits. Visit our website at to learn more

Guide to The IVR System for Small Business

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Call centers have been defined as the departments in the past time that are used to give or receive the information on the behalf of the company or organization. In today’s world, it is clear that business call automation has been developed.

Innovations in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) have made it possible to view the contact center more than just a communication place. In fact, there are some people who go so far as to explain IVR system as a dynamic and strategic business move. That is due to the IVR system as it is not like Hardware i.e. diverse.

Types of Applications:

  •         Personnel Management
  •         Analytics & reporting
  •         CRM/Lead capture

You will observe that small businesses are using IVR for employee training, maintaining track of operations and profitability based on calls received and even for Customer relationship management (CRM). Let’s have a closer look at each class of IVR for small business and how is it needed for success.

VR call center solutions that are designed especially to support staff that generally includes scheduling, job reporting, and technical support. This is quite different than predictable applications because it targets on addressing the requirements and concerns of the employee instead of the caller.

What’s required: you need IVR system that helps to save time, lessen errors, and diminish frustrations that might obstruct your performance.

Analytics and reporting applications include both basic and advanced options like offering call transcripts or making records for callers detailing why IVR system features transfer call to live employees

What’s required: IVR system that reports information perfectly based on what the client wants.

CRM and lead capture software simply refer to IVR solutions for small business that depend on caller-specific details and records.

What’s required: IVR system that is able to communicate in real-time.

IVR system plays an important role to help the company balance key areas. Let’s discuss further that how managers can use IVR system in a way to enhance accountability, streamline procedures, and fine-tunes call automation.

Guidelines for managers

When it comes to executing new software, managers find themselves on the wheel. Support staff will perform IVF features at peak level when they are responsible for the services they offer. It is up to the managers to make sure that everyone is on the same page so to speak.

Here are some basic guidelines to ease the transition if your company is just getting started:

Ø  Make sure key employees understand how to use it & know how to get help when they need it

Ø  Coordinate with internal departments so calls are routed appropriately

Ø  Have regular staff meetings so you know what’s working and what isn’t

Modern and upcoming industry trends

Various new and exciting trends have introduced in this year. One of the most exciting developments is how IVR solutions for small business are integrated with the caller’s mobile. The main idea is that relevant consumer data like web browsing, texts, and downloaded apps can be captured and entered into a company’s existing database.

if you are looking for IVR system for small business, you can avail it from asterCC. Here, we offer you top-notch solutions for your IVR system. Visit us to know more.


AsterCC: How billing software for small business works?

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You must have heard about new billing software for small business that will make every bill calculation easy and quick. But every customer is not well-educated in this context that how billing software works and how it makes calculation easy. There is also doubt on its accuracy and security of use as there is no individual involved in checking the process of calculation. It is best to explain the process of billing system software in detail to earn the client trust and confidence.

Firstly, let’s understand that what is billing system software? Billing software is a computer designed program that automatically calculates the equal bill of a utility usage. To perform the task, variables are entered by the experts for instance amount per watt for electricity or per cubic meter of water used. This billing software is secured under normal conditions and faultless as it is designed only for that. As it is said nothing is perfect, anything can go wrong. This billing software is still man-made and can also go wrong. This will happen when an incorrect data is encoded or when data is already corrupted. There is no origin for any utility consumer to worry on the usage of billing software for small business as long as it is working fine.


Now, there is a need to understand the working of billing software for small business. As explained earlier that billing software is computer designed with variables. Billing person adds the name of a user and other important information on the document while making the statement. This information is generally on a data bank and more often this statement is stored on the billing software for small business. The wattage or cubic meter use of electricity or water can be encoded into the document manually or transferred from the portal of electronic device used by a reader. The billing system software will automatically make a computation that can be printed or sent to the recipient via electronic mail. It will take a billing officer just a few minutes from the encoding or shifting of data to print or send documents electronically. Those will surely challenge the fastest billing way in the industry!    


There are various advantages of using billing software for small business. One of it is time. It is the fastest way of calculating the usage of each household and establishment worldwide as there will be no more waiting time. In fact, billing software for small business also helps in solving the late payments and additional fees for every client. Another is overhead. Every individual effort is enhanced as he no longer requires doing manual tasks. In this way, half of the billing group can do other work. This will save the company a lot of workdays and overheads as well. After that, there comes efficiency and excellence. You can lessen your error than people working with calculators and spreadsheets using the billing system software. In this way, you can improve the services of given billing agency or company. If you are also looking for billing software for small business, AsterCC is the right place for you. Here, we offer the best software for the billing that will make your task easy.

Why should you use an automated dialing system?

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Automated dialing system is most common call center calling software nowadays. These call center monitoring software are meant to save time so that agents can talk to maximum people as possible during their shift. It simply means call waiting times are reduced and lots of problems are solved which shows the positivity of the company. The main thing is that the automated dialing system has its own ups and downs.


Firstly, automated calling software totally depends on your call center in the end. If you have inbound call center software, then an automated dialing system makes the sense. When someone calls you, they don’t expect the person to know what is actually going on. In fact, they are calling you to ask the questions or sort out the query that agent was not able to do in the last call. In this case, an automated dialing system is the best solution for you.

In fact, it also works great in some outbound cases as well. For instance, a telephone market research company will do great in an automated dialing software. This happens due to identical calls i.e. a script or questionnaire is followed. There is no requirement for preparations between calls and there are not any problems with that will increase with such automated dialing system.

The problem begins with an outbound call system where each call is dependent on unique cases. For instance, a bank’s telephone debt collection department uses automated dialing system that dials out and then flashes up the client’s information. It may not clear what the issue is in these kinds of situations. A person can have various products with the bank and any of them could be the main reason for the problem. Once the client answered and greeted by the agent hesitating and make sure what is going on, they can be annoyed easily especially when it comes over a sensitive issue like money.

The clients want that agent who is talking them related to his case should be knowledgeable. It requires feeling personal, anything less or you are off to a very bad beginning. In fact, you want to make sure that you should maintain the healthy relationship with your customers for as long as it is possible. In this way, they will be willing to work with you more as it makes them easier to deal with. You can face problems; it begins to show your impersonal side.

If you want to use automated calling software for unique cases then you need to make your sure that your employees are highly professional and trained. This is not the part-time job of the students because call center monitoring is something where many people rely on. A high quality of call center monitoring software is very essential for any business growth. You cannot start to let it slip for the sake of call volumes or productivity. A failure to support a balance between these two things will just sow problems that will sprout further down the line. If you are looking for some automated calling software for your business, AsterCC is the right choice for you. Here you can get various call center monitoring software that helps in your business growth. Visit us to know more.

What are workings of automatic telephone dialer works?

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Auto dialers for telemarketing are a blend of software and hardware that assist businesses and companies in directing client calls. This technology is very important for big call centers and other communication related organizations. This dialer will able to manage multiple calls and forward them to available call representatives. It will lessen the wastage of time in redialing by eradicating unresponsive calls. This system holds automated voice recognition capabilities in addition to caller blending capacity so as to exploit customer service.

Normally, the telephone auto dialer works by redirecting calls of clients to available representatives and make sure that least interruptions happen in the method. This will make sure that representatives are great productive and that client satisfaction is accomplished. In order for a business to be successful, customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. Therefore, the preview dialer can help your business in obtaining utmost productivity at the same time to make sure that remain satisfied.

There is another vital function a predictive dialer does is that it strains particulars lists of contact numbers. For instance, it can monitor those numbers that are registered under Do not Call registry. In addition to it, it can also strain those numbers like busy tones, no answer, fax tones, no signal, answering machine, etc. This will eventually boosts the representatives calling time to the prospective clients. This can in turn decrease consumption of labor to a great extent.

This automatic telephone dialer system also misses the call if your call is ignored. It dials other number in the given list and saves a lot of time. This is the system that has the ability to produce reports whenever you required. It can print out various reports like call codes, calling schedules, call reminders, etc. This system also memorizes your data and enlightens you when you have attained your particular sales lead target. In all this is the system that controls and facilitate your job and serves you brilliantly to give positive results. It definitely helps you in generating higher returns on your investments.

On the end, people who are receiving the calls will not know that whether automatic telephone dialer has made call or the call center agent. There is no major difference when the representative talks to the caller and the call can go fast with no issue. Activating telephone auto dialer system is easy and it can be done in a simple manner and in less time. So, the first thing you have to do is installing the auto dialers for telemarketing. Every instruction should be followed. Now, put in a test number in, it probably would be best to try your own and see how simple it is to use the automatic telephone dialer.

What are various benefits of predictive dialer services?

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Call centers mainly focuses on customer services and needs all plans and tools that can boost skill and their accuracy to manage large number of clients. Various tools like predictive dialers have been proved as amazing asset and solutions for call centers in today world. Predictive dialer services have various advantages from boosting to productivity to increased client satisfaction.

Automation is one of the aspects that predictive dialer services offer. The automated dialing system helps in productivity and saves time. However, the level of control makes the predictive dialer system exceptional tool in the call center system and large-scale companies. This control results in boosting the client satisfaction.

The best part of the predictive dialer is when system seriously predicts the idle representatives. When a representative is idle, the dialer can optimize the practice of time of your human reserves and much impact the bottom line of your call center. Calls are forwarded automatically to idle representatives with predictive dialer services which makes easy to handle available clients.

Predictive dialer services will become better as the system is in place over time and increase effectiveness of the predictive dialer. Predictive dialer services play a vital role in making it an effective. In fact, it also instantly boost company’s efficiency for both large and small-scale. It has increased efficiency by almost 300% moving from a traditional phone system with various lines. Even when you have outbound call center calling software, you should look for those that use predictive dialer services as you will know better and able to offer the effective cost.

Automated dialing system maintains and increases the satisfaction level of the clients as well as maintains the better records with last contact notes. The representative is able to analyze the data quickly with the predictive dialer services if ever that they spoke to this latent client and what the results of that conversation were. Generally, these systems automate the procedure of calling lines, hanging up when no one responds and in the end linking the representative with the human client as fast as possible. This speed of automated dialing system is what allows your client support representatives to actually hold client support issues with real humans.


With the enlarged interaction effectiveness and impact to your bottom line predictive dialer services can often be a great technology investment for both large and small companies. As your client satisfaction increases so will your company’s reputation and your bottom line. If you are also looking for predictive dialer services, we are the best predictive dialer providers. Here, you will get the best services at reasonable rates.

Step by Step Guide to Conference Call System

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Call center plays a vital role in the business today.  If you have a business when you need to move from one place to another, the conference call is essential to cut the distance. If you are also thinking to set up a conference call system, there are few things that you need to follow and take care. In fact, if you are setting up a video conference system for your small or large business, you need to ensure that how to make a call so that it goes smoothly.

Purchase a Phone

The foremost thing that you need to do to set up a conference call system is to purchase a conference call system phone. You cannot make a conference from a normal phone, so there is need to purchase a special one. The best thing is there various conference call system models are available from which you can choose from that avails some exceptional features.

The best idea to purchase business conference call services is to visit the store personally and try out the phones for yourself. You want to experience everything like buttons and modes and ensure that it will offer you all the modern features that are essential for the best conference call service.

In fact, some companies will let you try out a phone for the specific period so that you can test the conference call system completely before making a buy.

Set up the Call

You need to figure out the time and date that you want to have the call before setting up the business conference center services. After that, you need to send the invitation and ensure the date of the conference call.

Another thing is to ensure that all participants are aware of what number to call and you can also select between a toll-free number and a number that specific people may have to pay long distance charges for it.

Now you are all set for the best conference call service. It is not a daunting task to set up a conference call. It can be tricky if you are setting it up for the first time but not at all difficult. Once you begin it on a regular basis, it will be easy for you and you will be surprised that it seems difficult for you in the beginning and is so easy now. If you want to hire the best conference call service for your business, AsterCC is the best solution for you. Visit our website to know more about it.

What are IP PBX features for business?

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IP PBX ,call center software solutions,pbx replacement telephone systems/ Businesses find often benefits hosted or in-house PBX system. So, it is most important for them to find the best IP PBX features at the best price. The top seven IP PBX features are enlisted underneath with a concise explanation on how they help businesses get ahead and stay ahead.

  Ø  Unlimited growth potential
Some IP PBX features have the ability to develop with company’s growth and contain a virtually unlimited amount of users on the system. While choosing a PBX phone system, choose one that can rise with the company.
  Ø  Auto-Attendant
A friendly and warm-sounding auto-attendant can be the solution to projecting a professional, global-player image. This feature is a standard for many different kinds of business telephone systems.
  Ø  Automatic Line Allocation
This is another important IP PBX feature in which caller will be placed in a queue for next available representative rather than receiving busy message or signal. This can cut down on service problems with proper monitoring and queue alarms, calls do not have to sit in the queue for very long and can be concentrated in a more efficient manner.
  Ø  Software Interface
Some PBX phone system with a software interface can be incorporated entirely into the internal and external system by abolishing the need for traditional landlines for conferencing and internal outbound phone calls. Only a few companies were able to remove their hardware costs or abolish them greatly with IP PBX feature.
  Ø  Wireless Capabilities
Some IP PBX feature enables a company to go entirely wireless saving costs linked with hardware and other equipment. This is generally found on hosted PBX systems and in some cases IP PBX feature is considered the standard feature for large companies.
  Ø  Unified Communications
Unified communications mean all branches including home offices are integrated into one large office using a PBX phone system.  They can be reached by extensions instead of direct call which lowers phone bills and enable telecommuters, sales teams, and management to be anywhere in the world and still available to work.
  Ø  Live, Online System Monitoring
Some IP PBX features include the ability to go online and see live updates on how their PBX phone system works. It also helps to see any potential issues that arise. In addition to it, some in-house IP PBX features allow for similar monitoring capabilities and can also pull reports on particular personnel for training and monitoring purposes.
While choosing PBX system, select IP PBX feature that is not just in top list but also fulfills company’s need. Surely, there are some nice IP PBX features like the stuffed system but they are of no use if they do not meet company requirements. Always select features that are most appropriate for the company, and the investment in PBX can be well worth it. If you are looking to install PBX, AsterCC is the best destination to buy it as we have all call center systems. Visit our website to know more.

Enhance your Call Center Functions with Call Center System

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Nowadays call centers are constructed on the most reliable and innovative call center system. This comprises technology on routing incoming calls and accessing websites while operators stay within their call monitoring software to track calls and specific procedures. Call center system enhances their operations and functions by staying ahead of the technology curve.

Automated dialing system shifts incoming calls to the right operators. The routing method depends on available operators or skills.  This system allows equal sharing of workloads among call center systems and lessens the time consumed by callers in keeping queues. Generally automating dialing system is offered by dialed number identification service, queuing system, automatic number identification and direct inward dialing.

Telephone recording system uses an automated dialing system on your behalf to attend the first call. This call center software can be planned to perform all kinds of customer service interactions. Moreover, call center system uses automated dialing system to lessen the cost of service, support calls, collections, sales and inquiry. Traditionally, automated dialing system used pre-recorded voice menus and prompts in presenting options and information to callers as well as telephone keypad entry to gather responses. Modern automated dialing system let responses and input to be gathered through speech that comes with voice recognition.

Voice broadcasting is another hardware that can call multiple people as outbound calls to broadcast a specific message. This is important as an alert system for emergencies, reminder calls for appointments, promotions, contests, fundraising calls, announcements and surveys. Messages conveyed by this hardware can be delivered to individuals or answering machines. Voice broadcast systems handle a phone list database. If a voice broadcast system can’t find busy signal and no answer condition, the message will be set for another later delivery.

Call center queue management keeps pre-loaded data for consumers. A part of the database maintains a list of orders that are obtained from clients. A good call center system would have the capability to offer interaction details that took place during the agent-customer interaction. The technology must handle all forms of incoming calls. It must be able to manage calls wherein clients will set for expense-charging inquiries or post orders.


Call center system has made the virtual running of call center businesses possible. The call center system united with smart systems, allows call centers to better serve their client. There is always a change in technology but call centers system never run out of renovations to make the best use of their operations and come up with better services. If you are also who are looking for any kind of call monitoring software, AsterCC is the right place for you where you get best call center system solutions.