Conference call system

The most common form of conference call participants to dial into conference calls from their virtual room. Virtual meeting room that can accommodate dozens or even hundreds of participants. With respect to the three-way call, the majority of the standard features of the telephone system only allows three players to participate. As most of the traditional conference call telephone system extensions, spending thousands of dollars.


Conferencing systems typically support multiple conference rooms, each room can contain multiple participants. Number of conference rooms and participants may vary depending on the model, hardware features and license terms vary.

Most telephone conference allows administrators to specify the DID number for the conference room. In some cases, a single DID number for the call is connected with IVR application and prompt room number.

Users can ensure safe passage to any meeting room chosen password. The system can set common password for all participants, but also set a custom password for each participant.

Advanced conferencing system includes a graphical user interface, all participants can see through the interface spokesman, also saw one of the other participants. Under normal circumstances, the presiding officer and the administrator will be more comprehensive sight, including advanced controls to master.

The system also includes dynamic conference meeting rooms (room reservation). When larger systems, the user can not freely use such systems is particularly common.


Conference call allows companies to dramatically reduce travel costs. Organize a conference to attend in person are often full of expensive and time-consuming. You can use the telephone system does not have to visit on a “live” meeting for the organization.

Meeting is at the heart of cooperation and to make distributed teams and virtual teams possible. Conferencing system for remote workers to connect VoIP calls, so that the team can easily across geographical restrictions.


  • Conference call service provider
  • Enterprise conference call system


  • Three level billing
  • Graphical conference interface to start and manage conference</ li>
  • Support passive incoming and active outgoing
  • Conference Room password
  • Auto-redial if call was cut unexpectedly