add callshop & realtime billing feature to your a2billing

By January 27, 2009asterBilling

If you have a a2billing working already, you may want to add some more features, like make it work as a hosted callshop, here we’ll introduce how to add callshop feature using asterbilling.

  • add a new conf in your a2billing add a new conf like [agi-conf2] in a2billing.conf, make sure you have the changed the following options: ; Manage the answer on the call answer_call = NO play_audio = NO use_dnid = YES number_try = 1 say_balance_after_auth = NO say_balance_after_call = NO say_rateinitial = NO say_timetocall = NO cid_enable = NO cid_auto_assign_card_to_cid = NO anyway, disable all prompt & announcement
  • add new dialplan in asterisk extensions by default, sip peer generated by a2billing will use context a2billing, so we add [a2billing] ; for asterbilling booth exten => _X.,1,DeadAGI,a2billing.php|2
  • sc-2
  • add costomer in a2billing then we add a customer in a2billing, make sure you enabled sip or iax account, then click the “generate” button and click “reload” link also u may want to set this customer as “postpay” and a big number for the limit coz you would not charge customer in a2billing, just make sure this customer could make calls with no problem
  • set your ip phone go to “List Sip-friend” or “List iax-friend” get the username/secret for your phone, then try make a call, if everything goes well, u should make a call successfully
  • sc-4
  • add clid in asterbilling go to asterbilling and create clid using the username(if there’s callerid defined for this customers, use callerid instead) in sip-friends
  • sc-1
  • login as groupadmin/operator and enjoy πŸ™‚
  • sc-3


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