How to setting agent is hangup, the call center will automatically push the email or SMS.

By January 9, 2017Tutorials

Tips: The “Hangup Action” is what happens automatically when the call ends. For example, hang up to send text messages to customers, or mail.

1、Setting Mail Server

Mail Server settings reference link:【To Link】

2、Setting SMS Server

SMS Server settings reference link:【To Link】

3、Create Templates

Templates settings reference link:【To Link】

4、Add Hangup Action


5、Hangup Action of the field description

Target:When the client state is set, an on-hook event is performed. “Agent Failed” refers to the customer answered, but the seat did not connect, the equivalent of missed events to hang up. Four other types of targets, “Open,” “Pending”, “Successful Submit”, “Failed Submit”. Only after called, tags customers, and save, this time will send the corresponding SMS or email.
Type:After the hangup, will to send the type of event, divided into SMS and mail.
Template:Select the template to send the message.