How the call center modifies the default SIP registration port

By January 23, 2017Tutorials

Summary: This article describes how to modify the default SIP registration port to improve security.

1、First, use admin account to login the WEB.


2、Second, find the system settings page, click 【System】 -> 【Settings】 -> 【GENERAL SIP SETTINGS】 -> “bindport”, double click the port number to modify the port.


3、Finally, click Overload Bar and the changes will take effect.


4、Cilent how to registring the devices.

4.1、The SIP server default port is 5060, even if the SIP Server is not specified, the port is also 5060. Suppose we changed it to 8060, again registered on its soft phone. When registering a softphone, the telephone will be successfully registered on the server only if port 8060 is used.


4.2、After modification, in the iptables configuration port 8060 allow access.