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How to upgrade the asterCC system in the server background

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1、You can download the upgrade package on the page to the asterCC server /var/www/html/asterCC/data/_cache path, as follows:


Click “UPGRADE” button to pop up the dialog box, the mouse moved to the dialog box “European Mirror” at the right mouse button click “European Mirror” pop-up right-click menu to get “Download Address”, as follows:


2、Use the Linux wget command to download the upgrade package to /var/www/html/asterCC/data/_cache path, as follows:

wget http://download1.astercc.org/packages/core/core-2.6-rc1-patch-x86_64.tar.gz # Run the command to download the upgrade package at the address obtained



3、Unzip the downloaded file, and enter the folder to perform the installation operation, as shown below (in this case to upgrade astercc-2.6rc1 kernel as an example):

tar zxf core-2.6-rc1-patch-x86_64.tar.gz #Run command to unzip
cd core-2.6-rc1-patch-x86_64 #Execute the command into the decompression file
php install.php #Execute the command to perform the upgrade operation


Tips: Please be patient to complete the upgrade operation, if the upgrade is successful, the upgrade process will finally prompt “successful”.