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asterCC hosted IP PBX & Call Center system released 1.2-beta

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Today asterCC released a new version: asterCC 1.2-beta, in this version, it uses a new http push moduel, more stable than the previous one. The other improvement is that it comes with two new modules: customer service and work order Besides, the license mode has big changes, it now gives 60 days trail with all modules and 5 agents, you can apply for longer time or more agents for test if need. You can download from http://astercc.org/downloads Related posts:

How to upgrade to asterCC 1.2-beta

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Go to system modules, when there’re new modules or upgrades, it will give “DOWNLOAD” or “INSTALL” button

click the DOWNLOAD button, copy the download url

login to system via ssh, go the astercc upgrade directory, like /var/www/html/asterCC/data/_cache, use wget to download the package

you can also download the package on your pc first, then upload the the directory

refresh system moduels page, you will see UPGRADE button

Click OK to start upgrade, during  UPGRADING, system service may stop

Because in 1.2-beta, assterCC use a new nginx module, so you need upgrade nginx from ssh, copy the command we will use

Login from ssh, run the command, please make sure the server gets internet access, or else it could not upgrade

when it’s finished, you will see

refresh the system modules page, you will see now it’s latest version


how to upgrade astercc

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  • upgrade database unzip the package u could see folder “sql” where we put all database files, in asterCC 0.X it would looks like: astercc0.1b-0.1.sql astercc0.1-0.11.sql astercc0.11-0.12b.sql astercc0.12b.-0.12sql astercc0.13-0.14b.sql astercc….0.X.sql astercc.sql say you are using 0.1b now, so you have to execute astercc0.1b-0.1.sql, astercc0.1-0.11.sql, astercc0.11-0.12b.sql, astercc0.12b.-0.12sql until astercc…0.X.sql, then u get database of v0.X the command line for this is like mysql -uroot -p astercc < astercc….0.X.sql
  • stop astercc daemons /opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc/asterccd stop
  • cp the new html & daemon files, please notice that you may want to backup astercrm.conf.php, astercc.conf and asterbilling.conf.php first example: cp astercrm /var/www/html -rf cp asterbilling /var/www/html -rf cp scripts/* /opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc * from astercc-0.21, the package includes both 32bit and 64bit scrips, you will copy the scripts out of 32/ or 64/ to your daemon folder (usually /opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc)
  • config conf files check your astercc.conf, asterbilling.conf.php, astercrm.conf.php, make sure you have the correct config
  • start astercc daemons /opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc/asterccd start
  • check crontab we provides some cron script to deal with recording files and CDRs, so open README, make sure you have the scripts configed in your crontab
  • login web and check if any errors

how to update asterCC license for your asterisk

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By default, astercc providers you 5 free simultaneous channels license, you can purchase more if need.

First, edit /opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc/astercc.conf which is in same folder with astercc daemons, go to section [licence], you can find three parameters there

licenceto =
key =     (no this parameter in current version now)
channel = 5

change “channel” to the number of simultaneous channels you need, and “licence to” to the name of your organization, so now it looks like

licenceto = my organization
key =
channel = 50

save and exit,  then execute astercc script, you should get things like

[dev01 astercc]# /opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc/astercc
Invalid key, please contact the administrator
identity = b0a5ebca13556ca9ca91813dd88dfgd9

now send this identitykey and all content in licence section (licenceto and channel) to astercc, we’ll send you back the licence key, then update your astercc.conf with the licence key, restart astercc & asterrc daemons. If no error message output, your astercc support more simultaneous channels now.

for the latest version, we start to use a license file named ‘license.astercc'(64 bits), so after u get the license file, upload it to the same folder with your astercc daemons, usually it’s in


then restart astercc daemons

/opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc/asterccd stop

/opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc/asterccd start

if everything is fine, it should give no errors, then the channels now in astercc is the value you put after channel =  in /opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc/astercc.conf

and use this command you can check if the license will expire some day

/opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc/astercc -h

0000-00-00 means never expire

and astercrm and asterbilling will share same license file, which means when you get the license, you can either use it for astercrm or asterbilling or both.

good luck!