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astercc 0.2 beta released

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astercc 0.2 has great improvement than astercc 0.1x, the new features are

  • compatible with asterisk 1.6 and 1.4
    • we have done a lot of testing for both asterisk 1.6 and 1.4, and 0.2 will work for both version, in fact in this new version, we suggest customer use asterisk 1.6
  • more powerful queue realtime function

  • blind transfer attend transfer and get call back
    • when agent talk with customer, they can consult a 3rd-party and choose transfer the call or restore the original conversation
    • only asterisk 1.6 support this feature

  • same calls, less channels
    • astercc 0.X user may know that when you use click 2 dial or predictive dialer or queue, it may have more than 1 channel each call, sometime one call even take 3 channels, in astercc 0.2 we improved this, so usually one call only have one channel, this means you get more simultaneous calls for same license.
  • improvement of CDR and recording
    • now one conversation will have a main CDR and sub CDR(if it has attend transfer ), you can choose the listen the full recording or just listen part of it.
  • campaign dialedlist statistic

  • queue panel
    • agent can check in/check out/pause the queue, and when calls come from a queue, it will also give hint in queue panel

  • user ticket
  • scheduler call for agent
    • agent can make sheduler calls, when it’s the time, it will ring agent first, if agent answer, it will call the customer.
  • easy for customer development
    • in astercc 0.2, the CDR is more clear than 0.1X, it has no local channels so you can easily do customer developent or develop your GUI based astercc daemons

please notice that if you are using 0.1X now and want to upgrade to 0.2, your data would not lose but you may miss some data from web GUI, coz in 0.2 the CDR table changed.

asterCRM 0.07:

  • improved error debug with executed sql
  • added auto clear popup after call hangup
  • could add the number to dnc list in agent portal page
  • could set if add ‘/n’ when dial in campaign page
  • added disabed dial button when agent in call
  • added attend tranfer(with asterisk 1.6.x) in portal page
  • added check current asterisk version
  • fixed bug of import diallist
  • added memo in diallist
  • improved use post methed to popup external crm page
  • added my tickets
  • fixed bug of deleted in dnc list
  • improved processcdr.pl
  • improved processmonitors.pl
  • added billsec_leg_a ang queue number in cdr
  • added statistic in dialedlist page
  • merged the cdr and monitorrecord page
  • added loigin/logoff as dynamic agent to queue(the queue in campaign)
  • improved import page
  • improved astercrm.agi
  • added the memory table dialedlist
  • improved the predictivedialer daemon
  • improved the astercc daemon
  • added initTables(if we clear all temp data when restart astercc) in astercc.conf
  • added removeIncompleteCDR(change this to 1 if you dont want to keep cdr without dstchan) in
  • astercc.conf
  • improved queuestatus page
  • added check duplicates in diallist page

asterBilling 0.13:

  • fixed bug of update all reseller epayment information in profile page
  • added the parameter ‘callshop_pay_fee’ in asterbilling.conf and reseller profile to control if callshop pays the fee by paypal.
  • improved removePrefix in astercc.conf, supports like “removePrefix = 00,011”

asterCC-1.0-beta-rc1 released (commercial version)

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    • [download#19#size]
    • [download#21#size]
    • [download#20#size]

      astercc1.0 is a contact center system, while providing a powerful CRM (customer relationship management) functions, including features we often use like inbound / outbound missile screen, call recording, interactive voice menu (IVR), call queues and so on. Basicly by using astercc, you can record every customer call, the time when the customer calls appear on the screen of the customer contact information and historical contact records, or the design of an interactive voice menu (IVR) to provide self-service inquiries. In addition, the use of reporting tools, so you can quickly call from thousands of the critical information. Finally, astercc also offers a variety of practical tools, such as the task of setting and reminders by telephone, SMS and EMAIL of enterprise information, check the map or use the google map paths.

      If you already have your own business system, you can come in its perfect integration1), for example, a customer calls you want your system to show customers information, used astercc the secondary development interface, you can quickly complete the work.

      For ISP, astercc is the best choice to carry out new business, whether functional or telephone call center switching (PBX), astercc support SAAS mode, simply building a system, we can provide services to multiple customers .

      asterCC 0.14-beta and asterCC BOX 0.14-beta-rc1 released

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      asterCC-BOX-0.14-beta-rc1 asterCRM 0.62: * added DNC(do not call list) for daillist



      * fixed worktimepackage bug with astercctools * fixed can not update callresult to dialedlist in astercrm.agi * added update groupid and accountid to mycdr(parameter “update_groupid” in astercc.conf) asterBilling 0.12: * updated astercc daemon to fixed the a billing issue, which may cause the billing sec is less than the real billing time * added playbalance.agi for listen the balance of callshop by a clid

      asterCC and asterCC-BOX released 0.14-beta

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      asterCRM 0.062:

      * added export in cdr page

      * added parameters(uniqueid/calldate) when ust extenal crm

      * not display diallist function when login as dynamic agent

      * added update groupid and accountid to mycdr(parameter “update_groupid” in astercc.conf)

      * improved processmonitors

      * improved export funciton, supoorts to export xls and cvs format

      * improved report page

      * astercc daemon support astersik 1.6.x

      * added script astercrm_update_cdr(update customer id to mycdr)

      * added astercrm.agi(update call result to dialedlist and Answering Machine Detect when using predictive dialer)

      * fixed worktime bug when use predictive dialer

      asterBilling 0.12:

      * improved profile page of resller and groupadmin(could view the own balance)

      * fixed the currency bug of recharge by paypal

      * added display callshop Balance in systemstatus

      * improve clid page (could control the clid if display in systemstatus as a booth)

      * improved systemstatus(could be open manager page in current page)

      * added set free call function in receipt page

      * improved receipt to close page when paid

      * improved cdr page to set special color for unbilled or free call

      * improved report(display memo and note)

      * added could set a special turnk for each resller dialout

      * astercc daemon support astersik 1.6.x

      * improved reselleroutbound.agi, support spare trunk

      * added account_log page(records the account login logs)

      asterCC & asterCC BOX released 0.13

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      asterCC-BOX-0.13 download

      asterCC BOX 0.13:

      * updated to freepbx 2.6 rc2
      * updated to asternic 1.2
      * updated to asterCC 0.13

      asterCRM 0.061:

      * added agents manager in astercrm to manage agents.conf
      * fixed the bug that cant edit worktime_package
      * added callOrder field in diallist
      * added diallist panel in portal page
      * added the daemon to convert recording files to mp3 format
      * added mp3 online player
      * added agent portal panel switcher
      * added clear screen button in agent portal

      asterBilling 0.11:

      * fixed the prefix billing
      * added professional mode
      * added member mode switch
      * added Portuguese support


      astercrm agent management

      astercrm clearscreen

      astercrm diallist pannel

      astercrm panels witcher

      astercrm mp3player for recording files

      asterbilling professional mode

      asterbilling portuguese language support
      freepbx2.6 in asterCC BOX 0.13

      freepbx2.6 in asterCC BOX 0.13



      asterCC v0.13 beta released

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      asterCRM 0.06:

      * improved survey export feature
      * add a switch to control if need close all popup window after a survey
      * improved dialer
      * added table campaignresult
      * added survye <-> campaign connection
      * popup survey directly when only one survey enabled
      * added surveyresult.agi, can be used to update survey when use AMD
      * added new parameters which is used to control cdr data (in table mycdr)
      * allow add customer name or add customer connection when import diallist, also added diallist popup
      * monitor features was moved to daemon astercc
      * add queuestatus page, to display realtime queue status
      * fixed the bug that sort only work in the first page

      asterBilling 0.1:

      * fixed the billing bug when num length and prefix confilict

      queue status:

      queue status

      asterCC v0.12 released

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      asterCRM 0.059:

      • impoved send request by javascript in portal interface
      • fixed can not order in customer,diallist and dialedlist page
      • fixed can not export in note ,diallist, dialedlist, campaign,contact
      • fixed can’t find astercc license file when is not running  in ‘/opt’
      • fixed the start check of predictive doesn’t work in IE7
      • fixed can not record wher predictive

      asterBilling 0.099:

      • fixed can’t display report of today
      • fixed bug in flash report
      • add check credit reseller and callshop realtime when booth calling
      • impoved send request by javascript in callshop interface
      • fixed don’t update blance when cannel limit in booth
      • add delete files what have uploaded
      • fixed can’t find astercc license file when don’t run in ‘/opt’
      • fixed ASR and ACD both are ‘0’ in report grid