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Eaka chain hotel 400 customer service contact goes online

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Shijiazhuang Guoda Group has 3 chain hotel brands—Eaka 365, Gogo inn, and Tony inn, and the hotel number of these 3 brands is estimated to reach 200 in 3 years. To better serve the guests, the group decided to employ astercc call center system.

The 400 call center requires 24-hour service, high quality of voice and fax. Therefore, sangoma E1 card with echo cancel has been chosen for the hardware side.

After a month’s system customization and test, the system was put online on December, 6, 2012.

The system realized the following functions,

  • IVR and point inquiries via IVR
    • Customers are able to choose service types, self-service inquiry, human service or voice mail according to IVR menu.
    • Customers can inquire their reward points through IVR (integrated with 啊3rd party reservation system).
  • Inbound popups
    • When customers call 400 numbers and choose human service, a page contains customer information (integrated with reservation system), and rechargeable card information would pops up.
    • When the customer has the intention to book a room, the agent can directly switch to the reservation system and finish the booking.
  • Customer Callback
    • Each hotel picks guests randomly and the agents call them back for feedbacks, using astercc telephone inquiring system.
  • Missed calls callback
    • When customers choose human service and eventually give up wait because the agent is busy handling other things, agents can call back or create a ticket via the missed call list in the system.
  • Ticket
    • Admin creates three tickets flow: consultation, complain, customer care, system pre-defined the ticket flow, it would stay in ticket queue waiting assignment automatically or manually.
  • Knowledge base
    • We added permission assignment to the knowledge base, and new knowledge submitted by agents can be published after being approved by team leaders.
  • Integrated SMS
    • The system is integrated to a 3rd party SMS system, so agents can simple click the preset SMS template (like hotel address etc) to customers.
  • Integrated FAX
    • The system has fax interface, and can fax the PDF reservation order generated by the reservation system to the hotel.

asterCC & asterCC BOX released 0.13

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asterCC-BOX-0.13 download

asterCC BOX 0.13:

* updated to freepbx 2.6 rc2
* updated to asternic 1.2
* updated to asterCC 0.13

asterCRM 0.061:

* added agents manager in astercrm to manage agents.conf
* fixed the bug that cant edit worktime_package
* added callOrder field in diallist
* added diallist panel in portal page
* added the daemon to convert recording files to mp3 format
* added mp3 online player
* added agent portal panel switcher
* added clear screen button in agent portal

asterBilling 0.11:

* fixed the prefix billing
* added professional mode
* added member mode switch
* added Portuguese support


astercrm agent management

astercrm clearscreen

astercrm diallist pannel

astercrm panels witcher

astercrm mp3player for recording files

asterbilling professional mode

asterbilling portuguese language support
freepbx2.6 in asterCC BOX 0.13

freepbx2.6 in asterCC BOX 0.13



why we say asterCC solutions could work with all kinds of asterisk based solution.

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asterCC package provides a call center solution and a billing solution for asterisk, the most important feature is, asterCC could work with all asterisk based solutions and no need do any modification to the original system,  as we have tested, including:

  • Trixbox
  • Elastix
  • Callweaver
  • Freepbx
  • Magiclink
  • Fonesoft
  • asterisk2billing (a2b)
  • pbx in a flash

so when you are using a asterisk based system and want to add call center or billing features, asterCC is a good choice.

asterCC solutions connect to your asterisk via AMI over tcp, so even a embedded asterisk equipment would use asterCC for billing or contact center.

asterCC works based callerid, so it doesnt care what’s the asterisk dialplan or how a agi work, as long as you have  correct callerid in your asterisk, asterCC could work with it.

Working as daemon service in linux, asterCC is stable and extremely efficient, we have test that it could support at least 240 simultanieous asterisk calls.

Open source as all web scripts is, there’s also the possibility that you make your own solution based astercc daemons, and with the 5 free simultanieous channel license it provides by default, no need to pay a dollar for small business, like to bill an asterisk pbx with users less than 12.

History about asterCC, asterCRM and asterBilling

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In July, 2007, we start a project, the aim is to provide a call center system for asterisk, which should be all web based and no rely on dialplan, also should have some simple CRM features. That’s how asterCRM came, we made it all open source and free to use so that it could grow faster. On 2007-08-08, we released the first version, 0.01beta, then 0.01, 0.03, 0.04 … it upgraded almost every month. At the same time, we’d like to provide a realtime billing solution for asterisk, then we made tow daemons running in linux, astercc and asterrc, astercc could catch live CDR from asterisk and asterrc could bill based rate and destination. We found this billing solution is perfect for hosted callshop, then we released asterCC on 2008-3-5, asterCC means the core of the system is the astercc daemon. After asterCC released, we found that we could get a much better performance and much more features if we use astercc damon in asterCRM, then we start integrate astercc daemon into asterCRM, then we released 0.0461 and 0.047beta, so that asterCRM could work based astercc daemon smoothly. So for now, both the billing solution and the call center solution need astercc daemon, then we decide rename them and package both into one software, we use asterCC as the package name, asterCRM as call center solution as it was, and use asterBilling as the software for realtime billing. asterCC ——asterCRM ——asterBilling asterCRM and asterBilling are both open source software, but the point is that you have to purchase license to get more simultaneous channels support in astercc daemon, by default it provide 5 free license so you can experience how asterCRM and asterBilling works.