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asterCC Call Center released 2.2

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asterCC commercial call center system released version 2.2, the most improvement in this version is that it integrated google ASR, with previous TTS integration, now your asterCC IVR could read and listen now!

you can download and have a free trial from HERE

====== New Features ======

  • In IVR, all actions now have a failure destination
  • Support ASR in IVR
  • Support IVR for import/export
  • Display queue status in agent portal
  • In report, we could get agent report for all group he belongs to, including call number, call duration, average call duration, login duration, busy duration, etc
  • For call hint window, add option: hidden, fixed, delay-close
  • Add realtime call status diagram, including IVR, talking, ringing, waiting
  • New WYSWYG editor
  • Added extension number in extension list
  • In template, use “display name” instead of database column name
  • In campaign, it supports auto reset customer status if agent hasn’t contacted the customer for days so other agents could obtain
  • Added report in CDR page, including inbound calls, inbound duration, outbound calls, outbound duration, inbound cost, outbound cost, team cost, system cost, user cost
  • Added device status in conference, green means device is online
  • In predictive dialer, it could auto redial based on config, say you can configure re-dial in 1hr, 3hrs, 12hrs
  • Some report start to run background, to avoid timeout when it has to run lots of data

====== Bug Fix ======

  • Fixed the bug when hiden contact, phone number displayed in contact history
  • Fixed the bug when listen recordings in QC page, customer information is null for main customer table
  • Only when user scope is system, team admin and user is system admin or team admin, it will display black list and DID in import page
  • Fixed the bug when agent try to send non-mime email
  • Fixed WeiXin menu management page css bug
  • Fixed the bug that in import/export job management page, it always goes back to first page
  • Fixed the bug when query in conference page, different team might see others’ records
  • Fixed the bug when delete a customer in campaign customer management page

How to upgrade to asterCC 1.2-beta

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Go to system modules, when there’re new modules or upgrades, it will give “DOWNLOAD” or “INSTALL” button

click the DOWNLOAD button, copy the download url

login to system via ssh, go the astercc upgrade directory, like /var/www/html/asterCC/data/_cache, use wget to download the package

you can also download the package on your pc first, then upload the the directory

refresh system moduels page, you will see UPGRADE button

Click OK to start upgrade, during  UPGRADING, system service may stop

Because in 1.2-beta, assterCC use a new nginx module, so you need upgrade nginx from ssh, copy the command we will use

Login from ssh, run the command, please make sure the server gets internet access, or else it could not upgrade

when it’s finished, you will see

refresh the system modules page, you will see now it’s latest version


asterCRM queue login and pause function make dynamic agent better serve the inbound and outbound in call center

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Log in the system page, enter the agent interface. Find the campaign pannel(Queue ) below the campaign corresponding to the queue number, and the two options, login, pause.

After elected “login”, then the current agent has been logged into the queue which belongs to the queue number, the queue was according to the state of all the agent be logged to assign the calls. After elected “pause”, then the agent has been logged are not be assigned phone calls whether he is busy or free. When elected logoff, the current agent were logged off  from the queue, the queue will not assign any phone calls to the agent.

Return to the management interface, enter the dial list below campaign find the queue number corresponding to the campaign name, click on the campaign “edit” to open.

Find queue number, indicate the agent to be logged in the queue number; Queue Context, the crew used the queue context, freePBX use the latest version is the current from-queue; Use Extension Channel For Queue, where there are two cases. One case is logged in default, do not be checked before “Use Extension Channel For Queue”, in the asterisk CLI to perform queue show.

Another case is to use” Use Extension Channel For Queue”, checked before “Use Extension Channel For Queue”, in the asterisk CLI to perform queue show.

Back to the management interface, enter the extension to find the user name of current agent, click “edit”

Channel option, sip/8003, 8003 is the current agent extension.

How to apply “start work” to auto-dial in call center outbound for agent

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Log in system and enter the agent interface,  if  the dial list of agent interface have no data,  the “start work” function is forbidden.

Dial list exists phone number, the “start work” can be used properly. The phone number in dial list can be added manually or through batch import entry. Make the dialnumber in dial list, agent can click on “start work” to call outbound.

Click the “Start work”, the system will be calling dialnumber in the dial list one by one, at the moment the window about information will pop up, such as “input customer information”, “add records” pop-up window.

When the call is connected, the agent can communicate with customers to get the information input, the upper left corner points out the system is recording. After the call, click on the “hang up”, then the system will turn into count down and dialing the next dialnumber automatically.

Agent can set time in count down optionally, go into extension in management interface, find the editor belongs to user name,click and pop up a window says “Edit Account”

Find “dial interval”, setting“0”, the system default countdown in 30 seconds, setting greater than “0”, according to the number as the seconds of countdown. There are two or more than two dialnumbers in dial list will turn up count down, only one dialnumber can not be.

Agent can also stop work at any times as condition change, then the system will no longer auto-dial the dialnumber from dial list in agent interface.

How to import phone numbers in a outbound sales campaign call center

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Into the system management interface, find the import function,enter.

Choose file

Choose file to upload, you can browse the files you want, or you can choose an existing file, then upload it. After successful upload, the data you want will upload to the system, then you can select the form, specify the data into the appropriate form.

Select customer, there will be corresponding to the fields of this form.

According to the data appear in front of several pieces of information, each vertical line corresponding to one information, information corresponding to the field appears to the left and the fields of the code will fill in the information at the bottom of the box.

Next, you must tick before “add” , and the data adding to the dial list at the same time, select the number corresponding to the phone, select the outbound time, if you want to be evenly distributed to agent, then you do not tick before “assign”, if you want a agent assigned to a designated, tick in front of the “assign”, and noted the number of the agent, if you want to assign two or three agent  you can with “,” separated. Choose your campaign, and click Import.


Before importing, when you make the phone number that will be imported to assign to a designated agent, then after importing is completely, return to the agent interface, you will find all the phone numbers waiting to be dialed in the dial list.

If you do not want to assign these phone number to a designated agent, you do not have to tick before “assign”, return to the agent interface, you will find there is not any date in the dial list from agent interface.

then all  date have been imported will be found  in dial list, the system do not assign to any agent.

dial list

Then you go back to “customer” page, you will find all the data has been imported successful in your customer data sheets, and all information corresponding to each field in form. At the same time, dial list also appear to all the same data has been imported, according to the dialing time to go to dial the number.

The function of Number Recycling in callcenter outbound predictive dialer campaign can keep potential customer once again

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Open login screen, enter the correct user name and password to submit into the management interface. Choose “dial list”, create a new campaign, click to campaign and then select the “Add” button. Pop-up a list box about add campaign, according to your demands to fill the information completely.

Add Campaign

Under the toolbar you will find Campaign Result, add.

Arrow points to the Campaign Result

Then it will pop up a window of Campaign Result You can set up by yourself according to your own business maybe used in result name, it can be refused access, voicemail, dead number or other such results. The campaign name you can choose the campaign that you have established just now, or you may also specify the choice plan. Back to agent began to call the number from dial list, add a phone number Arrow points to add a phone number to dial list, fill in the information completely, continue. You can also choose to bulk import, in order to import the phone number into dial list. When the call is connecting, the screen will pop up a window for agent to record the customer information. According to call ends the agent may choose the call result setting up before corresponding to the state. Then click Update. System prompted to update successfully. Right now you go back to see the dialed, you will find the results of a column in the Campaign Result information displayed. Allow you clearly to see the result of customer in the form of campaign result. Then let we see the dailed, the system will prompted the call is answered or no answer, which results in the campaign result will be prompted to the form or how about answer and no answer. Management will consider screening out potential customers in its next outbound, object among those empty number, wrong number or do not want to keep the number of filtered out. First, we find the search option to open the drop-down list, find the campaign result, input you want to keep in the back of the results, for example, you want to keep “refuse”or “voicemail,” enter the appropriate results, and select Options – “recycle”, so that these dailed numbers will be present to dail list again. The numbers be recycled will present to dial list once again. With this method, you may also filter out the wrong number or dead number to delete. In this way, the dail list will save those numbers that you have already recycled unsuccessful once more, to make the next dial-up, to keep more potential customers.

The successful application about asterCC in questionnaire system of call center

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“Use astercc systems enable us to bid farewell to original one hand phone one hand record of all the traditional mode, and fundamentally improved customer service, just click on a “start” button and it is automatically set number, then screen out the customer information and contact information, and the main content of the conversation will be kept in the system, to pay a visit after return.Customer are satisfied with the system, efficiency upgrading and the work becoming more and more relaxed”

——from the evaluation of one client


Project Background

D-NOTICE ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT CO,LTD in shijiazhuang was established by 2009, one company that work for all enterprise and public institution and provide business processes outsourcing (BPO) and institutions overall outsourcing service of professional service management vendors. The company mainly develop IT project research and development, call center outsourcing, customer service management and process management and process of recycling outsourcing service products. In technical research mainly aim at the various of needs in call center and analysis and design to satisfy all kinds of needs in call center. In leading the technology, high quality services to develop into two major call center at the base, a product development center of corporate framework. The service incorporate management system and advanced technique to develop its strengths with Baidu China, zhejiang Dnnice group, China telecom, China Unicom, Hisense group, etc. for the establishment of the long-term stability of the partnership. astercc to make D-NOTICE become more strong. Make up for the shortages of previous system, maximize their enterprises and achieved a perfect combination technology. In the near future,D-NOTICE must be move towards to globalization、 collectivization enterprise, to develop into a comprehensive and diversified outsourced service provider.

click to view the live operation and interview about astercc

click to view astercc questionnaire system of call center


About asterCC

Modern call center, it is far more than handle incoming call and outgoing call, call center it is a technique. lie in making the calls more digitization, management and storage, search, etc. astercc collect all the advantages of comprehensive, full operation,achieve the least workload the highest efficiency.

Functional modules:

1、astercc can help you record every customer every time to speak, when a customer calling on the screen will turn up the customer information and communication history records.

2、astercc can design an interactive voice menu to provide one-stop information service.

3、astercc also offers professional questionnaire system and autodialer,open up a door in calls for you.

4、astercc automatically generates various of data reports, use of the report roll , you can soon analysis the pieces of information from thousands of conversation.

In addition, astercc also offers some utility tools, for example, setting and warning tasks, using the phone,message and email to promote and publicize, you may through the google map find the way or path, etc.

System management interface

tutorial: use astercc,freepbx and asterisk to build a broadcasting system with IVR and Queue agents

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the most feature in astercc is the predictive dialer, using the dialer you could improve the work efficiency. In this tutorial, I will introduce how to setup a dialer with a pre-configed IVR:  when dialer start work, customers will hear a IVR which you configed in Freepbx, so we could also config in the IVR to accept customer input, and we can forward to an new IVR or agents in a queue.

1. config a Queue in freepbx

usually you want to config a queue to resonpse customer if they want to reach some live agent, so we config a queue first

2. config an IVR in freepbx

2.1 first we will add some voice in the IVR, you’d like to use a recording software, just notice that in asterisk, it requires to use wav format and 16bit, 8000HZ mono

2.2 add a recording

you can either upload the recording you finished in your pc, or use a ext. in system to record a new one

2.3 add IVR

now queue and recording is ready, we could add the IVR

in announcement, we select the recording we just done, and also we added two options to accept customer input, when customer hits 1, he will go queue 900, and when hits 2, he will go to ext. 5001.

4. add misc

then we need add a misc so the dialer could reach the IVR

remember this feature code 800, we will use it when configing campaign in astercc, you could use some other code as you like, just make sure it’s unique in your freepbx

now we finished the job in freepbx, you’d like to dial 800 from any extension, it supposes to bring you to the IVR.

5. config the campaign in astercc

login as admin, and go to campaign, add a campaign as following

make sure in “Inexten” you put the same code as in “misc application”, and in “Queue number” put the same queue number as your freepbx queue

6. add agent user in astercrm

you’d like to add some account for your agents if you want them get a popup form when they start answer customer calls, go to “Extension” to add astercrm account for your agents, make sure the account “extension” match the ext. in your freepbx

7. start dialer and test agent

before start dialer, you’d like to check your astercc.conf

make sure this parameter is configed as

doublecheckcampaign = yes

then restart astercc daemons

/opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc/asterccd restart

ask your agent login and as admin go to dialer page, start the dialer

as an agent, he will get a popup when customer answered the call and hit 1 for queue

8. check report

you could go to dialedlist to check the campaign status

* to get a working freepbx and asterisk easily, you could choose  astercc box, elastix, pbxinaflash or trixbox

asterCC & asterCC BOX released 0.13

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asterCC-BOX-0.13 download

asterCC BOX 0.13:

* updated to freepbx 2.6 rc2
* updated to asternic 1.2
* updated to asterCC 0.13

asterCRM 0.061:

* added agents manager in astercrm to manage agents.conf
* fixed the bug that cant edit worktime_package
* added callOrder field in diallist
* added diallist panel in portal page
* added the daemon to convert recording files to mp3 format
* added mp3 online player
* added agent portal panel switcher
* added clear screen button in agent portal

asterBilling 0.11:

* fixed the prefix billing
* added professional mode
* added member mode switch
* added Portuguese support


astercrm agent management

astercrm clearscreen

astercrm diallist pannel

astercrm panels witcher

astercrm mp3player for recording files

asterbilling professional mode

asterbilling portuguese language support
freepbx2.6 in asterCC BOX 0.13

freepbx2.6 in asterCC BOX 0.13



tutorial: use astercrm & asterisk for broadcasting

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in this tutorial, it will guide u how to broadcast your message in asterisk and astercrm.

1. add outbound context in asterisk

add the following content in your dialplan (like extensions.conf)

[for-outbound] exten => _X.,1,Dial(SIP/yourtrunk/${EXTEN},45)
exten => _X.,n,Hangup

exten => h,1,NoOp(${DIALSTATUS})
exten => h,n,Hangup

here  “yourtrunk” should be defined in your sip conf file, or you can use other trunk you have, like IAX2, ZAP, DAHD I…

2. add inbound context in asterisk

add the following content in your dialplan (like extensions.conf)

[for-collection] exten => _X.,1,NoOp(${EXTEN})
exten => _X.,Background(YOURMESSAGE)
exten => _X.,n,Hangup

exten => 1,1,Queue(1000); means when customer press 1 when it’s playing, he will reach your queue 1000

exten => h,1,Hangup()

then it will look like


3. add group in astercrm

login astercrm as admin, then go to extension->group admin, add a group for this broadcasting project


4. add campaign in astercrm

then go to diallist->campaign, add a campaign, in outcontext and incontext, we will put the context we added before, for-outbound and for-collection


5. upload the diallist

you can upload a excel/cvs file to diallist, or you can insert record to diallist table using your script





6. start the dialer

then u can go to dialer page to enable the campaign,  also you can set a limitation of  the max outbound calls there


7. set a time limitation

if you only want it dial at spcific time, you can add a time package for the campaign. first add some time

diallist -> worktime


then create a work time package and add the worktime in


then set the campaign to use this work time package


8. check dial result

go to diallist -> dialedlist, you can find the result


hope this post can help you create ur first broadcasting campaign, and u can also improve on this, like u can use a script to insert to diallist automaticly or set some survey so customer can press in their option when listening to your message.