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The solutions of call center extension can’t be registered

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Tips: After building the devices, we need to configure the SIP phone, until the phone is registered to the device after the success, can be outbound and inbound and other functions. But often encountered in the registration process of failure, divided into user name or password error problem, firewall problems, port problems.

1、Click【PBX】–>【Devices】,View device records If the registration is successful, the connection status of the extension is green. If the gray “UNREGISTERED” or “UNKNOWN” means that the registration failed.

2、Analysis on the Failure Reason and Solution of Registration

1)Registration failed for one reason: the user name, password error.

Solution: 1. Check the correct user name corresponds to the full registration account, 2. Authentication password is correct correspond to the device registration password.

2)Reasons for registration failure: Firewall is not set through the relevant port.

Solution: 1. Close or set the relevant port to allow through the firewall, such as udp protocol port 5060, tcp protocol 5060 port.
View the firewall policy:iptables -nL
Increase the firewall policy:iptables -I INPUT -p udp -m udp --dport 5060 -j ACCEPT
If the server uses the SIP default udp port: 5060, you can also edit /etc/sysconfig/iptables, increase the port strategy to restart iptables effective, as follows:

3)Reasons for registration failure: the port used by the server (for example, the port is occupied, the port is not allowed to use or the port conflict)
Solution:Modify another port registeration. We manually changed the port to 5888 SIP registered to see the port occupation of the list: lsof -i

If we change the SIP registration port to 80, it will conflict with the HTTP service port, soft phone registration will not register successfully. Enter the asterisk console will continue to refresh the error.