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asterCC IP PBX & Call Center released 1.2

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The main changes include

  • a new module E-Commerce
  • Improve the main table, now campaign and customer service moduel could share same customer information
  • Agent could have individual caller id
  • Added caller id rules
  • Improved data import features
  • Added auto-pause feature for agent
  • Support multi-phone number when use auto dialer mode, and background hint
  • Support search and merge customer, now one customer could have more than one number

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For changlog, please go to


tutorial: use astercc,freepbx and asterisk to build a broadcasting system with IVR and Queue agents

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the most feature in astercc is the predictive dialer, using the dialer you could improve the work efficiency. In this tutorial, I will introduce how to setup a dialer with a pre-configed IVR:  when dialer start work, customers will hear a IVR which you configed in Freepbx, so we could also config in the IVR to accept customer input, and we can forward to an new IVR or agents in a queue.

1. config a Queue in freepbx

usually you want to config a queue to resonpse customer if they want to reach some live agent, so we config a queue first

2. config an IVR in freepbx

2.1 first we will add some voice in the IVR, you’d like to use a recording software, just notice that in asterisk, it requires to use wav format and 16bit, 8000HZ mono

2.2 add a recording

you can either upload the recording you finished in your pc, or use a ext. in system to record a new one

2.3 add IVR

now queue and recording is ready, we could add the IVR

in announcement, we select the recording we just done, and also we added two options to accept customer input, when customer hits 1, he will go queue 900, and when hits 2, he will go to ext. 5001.

4. add misc

then we need add a misc so the dialer could reach the IVR

remember this feature code 800, we will use it when configing campaign in astercc, you could use some other code as you like, just make sure it’s unique in your freepbx

now we finished the job in freepbx, you’d like to dial 800 from any extension, it supposes to bring you to the IVR.

5. config the campaign in astercc

login as admin, and go to campaign, add a campaign as following

make sure in “Inexten” you put the same code as in “misc application”, and in “Queue number” put the same queue number as your freepbx queue

6. add agent user in astercrm

you’d like to add some account for your agents if you want them get a popup form when they start answer customer calls, go to “Extension” to add astercrm account for your agents, make sure the account “extension” match the ext. in your freepbx

7. start dialer and test agent

before start dialer, you’d like to check your astercc.conf

make sure this parameter is configed as

doublecheckcampaign = yes

then restart astercc daemons

/opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc/asterccd restart

ask your agent login and as admin go to dialer page, start the dialer

as an agent, he will get a popup when customer answered the call and hit 1 for queue

8. check report

you could go to dialedlist to check the campaign status

* to get a working freepbx and asterisk easily, you could choose  astercc box, elastix, pbxinaflash or trixbox

tutorial: use astercrm & asterisk for broadcasting

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in this tutorial, it will guide u how to broadcast your message in asterisk and astercrm.

1. add outbound context in asterisk

add the following content in your dialplan (like extensions.conf)

[for-outbound] exten => _X.,1,Dial(SIP/yourtrunk/${EXTEN},45)
exten => _X.,n,Hangup

exten => h,1,NoOp(${DIALSTATUS})
exten => h,n,Hangup

here  “yourtrunk” should be defined in your sip conf file, or you can use other trunk you have, like IAX2, ZAP, DAHD I…

2. add inbound context in asterisk

add the following content in your dialplan (like extensions.conf)

[for-collection] exten => _X.,1,NoOp(${EXTEN})
exten => _X.,Background(YOURMESSAGE)
exten => _X.,n,Hangup

exten => 1,1,Queue(1000); means when customer press 1 when it’s playing, he will reach your queue 1000

exten => h,1,Hangup()

then it will look like


3. add group in astercrm

login astercrm as admin, then go to extension->group admin, add a group for this broadcasting project


4. add campaign in astercrm

then go to diallist->campaign, add a campaign, in outcontext and incontext, we will put the context we added before, for-outbound and for-collection


5. upload the diallist

you can upload a excel/cvs file to diallist, or you can insert record to diallist table using your script





6. start the dialer

then u can go to dialer page to enable the campaign,  also you can set a limitation of  the max outbound calls there


7. set a time limitation

if you only want it dial at spcific time, you can add a time package for the campaign. first add some time

diallist -> worktime


then create a work time package and add the worktime in


then set the campaign to use this work time package


8. check dial result

go to diallist -> dialedlist, you can find the result


hope this post can help you create ur first broadcasting campaign, and u can also improve on this, like u can use a script to insert to diallist automaticly or set some survey so customer can press in their option when listening to your message.