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add callshop & realtime billing feature to your a2billing

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If you have a a2billing working already, you may want to add some more features, like make it work as a hosted callshop, here we’ll introduce how to add callshop feature using asterbilling.

  • add a new conf in your a2billing add a new conf like [agi-conf2] in a2billing.conf, make sure you have the changed the following options: ; Manage the answer on the call answer_call = NO play_audio = NO use_dnid = YES number_try = 1 say_balance_after_auth = NO say_balance_after_call = NO say_rateinitial = NO say_timetocall = NO cid_enable = NO cid_auto_assign_card_to_cid = NO anyway, disable all prompt & announcement
  • add new dialplan in asterisk extensions by default, sip peer generated by a2billing will use context a2billing, so we add [a2billing] ; for asterbilling booth exten => _X.,1,DeadAGI,a2billing.php|2
  • sc-2
  • add costomer in a2billing then we add a customer in a2billing, make sure you enabled sip or iax account, then click the “generate” button and click “reload” link also u may want to set this customer as “postpay” and a big number for the limit coz you would not charge customer in a2billing, just make sure this customer could make calls with no problem
  • set your ip phone go to “List Sip-friend” or “List iax-friend” get the username/secret for your phone, then try make a call, if everything goes well, u should make a call successfully
  • sc-4
  • add clid in asterbilling go to asterbilling and create clid using the username(if there’s callerid defined for this customers, use callerid instead) in sip-friends
  • sc-1
  • login as groupadmin/operator and enjoy 🙂
  • sc-3

why we say asterCC solutions could work with all kinds of asterisk based solution.

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asterCC package provides a call center solution and a billing solution for asterisk, the most important feature is, asterCC could work with all asterisk based solutions and no need do any modification to the original system,  as we have tested, including:

  • Trixbox
  • Elastix
  • Callweaver
  • Freepbx
  • Magiclink
  • Fonesoft
  • asterisk2billing (a2b)
  • pbx in a flash

so when you are using a asterisk based system and want to add call center or billing features, asterCC is a good choice.

asterCC solutions connect to your asterisk via AMI over tcp, so even a embedded asterisk equipment would use asterCC for billing or contact center.

asterCC works based callerid, so it doesnt care what’s the asterisk dialplan or how a agi work, as long as you have  correct callerid in your asterisk, asterCC could work with it.

Working as daemon service in linux, asterCC is stable and extremely efficient, we have test that it could support at least 240 simultanieous asterisk calls.

Open source as all web scripts is, there’s also the possibility that you make your own solution based astercc daemons, and with the 5 free simultanieous channel license it provides by default, no need to pay a dollar for small business, like to bill an asterisk pbx with users less than 12.