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asterCC hosted IP PBX & Call Center system released 1.2-beta

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Today asterCC released a new version: asterCC 1.2-beta, in this version, it uses a new http push moduel, more stable than the previous one. The other improvement is that it comes with two new modules: customer service and work order Besides, the license mode has big changes, it now gives 60 days trail with all modules and 5 agents, you can apply for longer time or more agents for test if need. You can download from http://astercc.org/downloads Related posts:

How to upgrade to asterCC 1.2-beta

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Go to system modules, when there’re new modules or upgrades, it will give “DOWNLOAD” or “INSTALL” button

click the DOWNLOAD button, copy the download url

login to system via ssh, go the astercc upgrade directory, like /var/www/html/asterCC/data/_cache, use wget to download the package

you can also download the package on your pc first, then upload the the directory

refresh system moduels page, you will see UPGRADE button

Click OK to start upgrade, during  UPGRADING, system service may stop

Because in 1.2-beta, assterCC use a new nginx module, so you need upgrade nginx from ssh, copy the command we will use

Login from ssh, run the command, please make sure the server gets internet access, or else it could not upgrade

when it’s finished, you will see

refresh the system modules page, you will see now it’s latest version


The successful application about asterCC in questionnaire system of call center

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“Use astercc systems enable us to bid farewell to original one hand phone one hand record of all the traditional mode, and fundamentally improved customer service, just click on a “start” button and it is automatically set number, then screen out the customer information and contact information, and the main content of the conversation will be kept in the system, to pay a visit after return.Customer are satisfied with the system, efficiency upgrading and the work becoming more and more relaxed”

——from the evaluation of one client


Project Background

D-NOTICE ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT CO,LTD in shijiazhuang was established by 2009, one company that work for all enterprise and public institution and provide business processes outsourcing (BPO) and institutions overall outsourcing service of professional service management vendors. The company mainly develop IT project research and development, call center outsourcing, customer service management and process management and process of recycling outsourcing service products. In technical research mainly aim at the various of needs in call center and analysis and design to satisfy all kinds of needs in call center. In leading the technology, high quality services to develop into two major call center at the base, a product development center of corporate framework. The service incorporate management system and advanced technique to develop its strengths with Baidu China, zhejiang Dnnice group, China telecom, China Unicom, Hisense group, etc. for the establishment of the long-term stability of the partnership. astercc to make D-NOTICE become more strong. Make up for the shortages of previous system, maximize their enterprises and achieved a perfect combination technology. In the near future,D-NOTICE must be move towards to globalization、 collectivization enterprise, to develop into a comprehensive and diversified outsourced service provider.

click to view the live operation and interview about astercc

click to view astercc questionnaire system of call center


About asterCC

Modern call center, it is far more than handle incoming call and outgoing call, call center it is a technique. lie in making the calls more digitization, management and storage, search, etc. astercc collect all the advantages of comprehensive, full operation,achieve the least workload the highest efficiency.

Functional modules:

1、astercc can help you record every customer every time to speak, when a customer calling on the screen will turn up the customer information and communication history records.

2、astercc can design an interactive voice menu to provide one-stop information service.

3、astercc also offers professional questionnaire system and autodialer,open up a door in calls for you.

4、astercc automatically generates various of data reports, use of the report roll , you can soon analysis the pieces of information from thousands of conversation.

In addition, astercc also offers some utility tools, for example, setting and warning tasks, using the phone,message and email to promote and publicize, you may through the google map find the way or path, etc.

System management interface

multilingual telephone interpretation system solution

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astercc provides a multi-way call system based asterisk, using this sytem, you could build a multilingual telephone interpretation system.

key features:

1. billing invoice

2. multi language IVR

3. calling card

4. part-time agent

5. different rate

6. low-cost (VoIP support)

7. web site integration

8. full conversation recording

9. multi-party conference

10. support reseller

11. detail report

12. inbound/outbound popup

user case:

1. http://www.callservice365.com

2. http://accesspath.com

tutorial: use astercc,freepbx and asterisk to build a broadcasting system with IVR and Queue agents

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the most feature in astercc is the predictive dialer, using the dialer you could improve the work efficiency. In this tutorial, I will introduce how to setup a dialer with a pre-configed IVR:  when dialer start work, customers will hear a IVR which you configed in Freepbx, so we could also config in the IVR to accept customer input, and we can forward to an new IVR or agents in a queue.

1. config a Queue in freepbx

usually you want to config a queue to resonpse customer if they want to reach some live agent, so we config a queue first

2. config an IVR in freepbx

2.1 first we will add some voice in the IVR, you’d like to use a recording software, just notice that in asterisk, it requires to use wav format and 16bit, 8000HZ mono

2.2 add a recording

you can either upload the recording you finished in your pc, or use a ext. in system to record a new one

2.3 add IVR

now queue and recording is ready, we could add the IVR

in announcement, we select the recording we just done, and also we added two options to accept customer input, when customer hits 1, he will go queue 900, and when hits 2, he will go to ext. 5001.

4. add misc

then we need add a misc so the dialer could reach the IVR

remember this feature code 800, we will use it when configing campaign in astercc, you could use some other code as you like, just make sure it’s unique in your freepbx

now we finished the job in freepbx, you’d like to dial 800 from any extension, it supposes to bring you to the IVR.

5. config the campaign in astercc

login as admin, and go to campaign, add a campaign as following

make sure in “Inexten” you put the same code as in “misc application”, and in “Queue number” put the same queue number as your freepbx queue

6. add agent user in astercrm

you’d like to add some account for your agents if you want them get a popup form when they start answer customer calls, go to “Extension” to add astercrm account for your agents, make sure the account “extension” match the ext. in your freepbx

7. start dialer and test agent

before start dialer, you’d like to check your astercc.conf

make sure this parameter is configed as

doublecheckcampaign = yes

then restart astercc daemons

/opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc/asterccd restart

ask your agent login and as admin go to dialer page, start the dialer

as an agent, he will get a popup when customer answered the call and hit 1 for queue

8. check report

you could go to dialedlist to check the campaign status

* to get a working freepbx and asterisk easily, you could choose  astercc box, elastix, pbxinaflash or trixbox

asterCC & asterCC BOX released 0.13

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asterCC-BOX-0.13 download

asterCC BOX 0.13:

* updated to freepbx 2.6 rc2
* updated to asternic 1.2
* updated to asterCC 0.13

asterCRM 0.061:

* added agents manager in astercrm to manage agents.conf
* fixed the bug that cant edit worktime_package
* added callOrder field in diallist
* added diallist panel in portal page
* added the daemon to convert recording files to mp3 format
* added mp3 online player
* added agent portal panel switcher
* added clear screen button in agent portal

asterBilling 0.11:

* fixed the prefix billing
* added professional mode
* added member mode switch
* added Portuguese support


astercrm agent management

astercrm clearscreen

astercrm diallist pannel

astercrm panels witcher

astercrm mp3player for recording files

asterbilling professional mode

asterbilling portuguese language support
freepbx2.6 in asterCC BOX 0.13

freepbx2.6 in asterCC BOX 0.13



how to upgrade astercc

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  • upgrade database unzip the package u could see folder “sql” where we put all database files, in asterCC 0.X it would looks like: astercc0.1b-0.1.sql astercc0.1-0.11.sql astercc0.11-0.12b.sql astercc0.12b.-0.12sql astercc0.13-0.14b.sql astercc….0.X.sql astercc.sql say you are using 0.1b now, so you have to execute astercc0.1b-0.1.sql, astercc0.1-0.11.sql, astercc0.11-0.12b.sql, astercc0.12b.-0.12sql until astercc…0.X.sql, then u get database of v0.X the command line for this is like mysql -uroot -p astercc < astercc….0.X.sql
  • stop astercc daemons /opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc/asterccd stop
  • cp the new html & daemon files, please notice that you may want to backup astercrm.conf.php, astercc.conf and asterbilling.conf.php first example: cp astercrm /var/www/html -rf cp asterbilling /var/www/html -rf cp scripts/* /opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc * from astercc-0.21, the package includes both 32bit and 64bit scrips, you will copy the scripts out of 32/ or 64/ to your daemon folder (usually /opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc)
  • config conf files check your astercc.conf, asterbilling.conf.php, astercrm.conf.php, make sure you have the correct config
  • start astercc daemons /opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc/asterccd start
  • check crontab we provides some cron script to deal with recording files and CDRs, so open README, make sure you have the scripts configed in your crontab
  • login web and check if any errors

asterCC v0.12 released

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asterCRM 0.059:

  • impoved send request by javascript in portal interface
  • fixed can not order in customer,diallist and dialedlist page
  • fixed can not export in note ,diallist, dialedlist, campaign,contact
  • fixed can’t find astercc license file when is not running  in ‘/opt’
  • fixed the start check of predictive doesn’t work in IE7
  • fixed can not record wher predictive

asterBilling 0.099:

  • fixed can’t display report of today
  • fixed bug in flash report
  • add check credit reseller and callshop realtime when booth calling
  • impoved send request by javascript in callshop interface
  • fixed don’t update blance when cannel limit in booth
  • add delete files what have uploaded
  • fixed can’t find astercc license file when don’t run in ‘/opt’
  • fixed ASR and ACD both are ‘0’ in report grid

building a virtual office using astercrm ,freepbx and asterisk

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In a virtual office, you will have few receiption but they can answer calls for hundred company, in such case, they should know which number customer dialed so that they dont mess up the calls, now we introduce u how to build a virtual call center using astercrm & asterisk.

1. add extension for receiption

open your browser and go to freepbx, click extension on left menu and add extensions for your receiption, here we have three extensions: 8000, 8001 and 8888


2.  add a queue for your receiptions which would be used to answer incoming calls, we only add 8000 and 8001 in this queue


and u can set some options for this reciption queue


3. add a trunk which could be used for incoming calls


and the most important, set registry for this trunk so that u can get calls in


4. add a inbound route so that the receiption queue could answer your incoming calls


now make a call to your DID number, if everything is allright, phones of receiption should ring

5. go to astercrm and add account for your receiptions


6. add trunkinfo so your receiption could get some information about the number customer dialed


here Trunk Channel should be the username of your trunk, not trunk name in freepbx

7. login as a receiption accound and try make a call


when ringing


when talking

this tutorial could be used on trixbox, elastix or any other system using freepbx, also u can config receiption account and dialplan by your self.

asterisk channels

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astercc daemons are licensed by asterisk simultaneous channels, so how could we know the channel’s number of the asterisk server? outbount: 1 call, 1 channel callback: 1 call, 2 channels queue: 1 call, 2 channels but if you select the ring strategy as “Ring All”, then u may get tons of channels when a call come in. also when you goes to voicemail or login as dynamic agent, it will take one channel.