asterCC Stimulates the Development of Outsourcing Telesale Call Center

By June 21, 2012Latest News

As 60 agents came into work at Hebei University of Economics and Business, it has been the 5th call center built with asterCC system since it released its commercial version in April. The agent number soared up to 400 in such a short period of time with this new product. Well, we can analyze the common grounds these call centers share are they

  • are all outsourcing call center
  • base their projects on outbound calls
  • have used other call center systems before
  • acquired the information of asterCC from words of mouth, and among which some even became distributors of asterCC.

So, why did they all give up their previous system and turned to asterCC? We call tell from the following features of this amazing system.

  • free to choose ITSP for outbound calls

Client C used to use another call center system before. C had to pay the license fee and was forced to use the outbound route of that company, which is up to 0.12 yuan per minute. What’s more, data had to be cleaned before use every day, otherwise that day’s report couldn’t be exported.

When they changed into asterCC later, introduced 2 routes of China Tietong and China Telecom E1, both offering a preferential rates, and connected into the VoIP trunk, C largely reduced its operation costs.

  • Hosted user mode

One feature of outsourcing call center is its diverse clients, which requires the system to separate the clients. asterCC Group function can divide the agents into groups and provide outsourcing accounts, through which clients can log in the system in a browser and remote control it—check the progress of the project, export data, download statement and recordings. This function makes things convenient and the call center more competitive.

  • Multiple applications

An outsourcing always needs to work for different clients with various needs simultaneously. With asterCC, agents are divided into groups and each group work for their project. Besides the asterCC applications, the system has APIs for external applications to be integrated in.

  • System based on IP

There is no physical connection but the internet between agents and the system, saving the wiring cost and easy for expansion. Client A put the agents in 2 different places connected by telecom dedicated lines.

  • Surveys

aterCC’s survey is easy to configure. It can do precise quota. Target the top survey ordrs.

  • Predial

Personnel cost the most. This function increases the actual working time of agents by 15%, saving the time for ringing and dead numbers. Thus the efficiency is obviously raised.

  • Cost check

Including call charge, labor hour billing, success submit billing, combining the QC, customer will know exactly the cost, the total income, agent payroll, and get a gross profit report.

  • Easy to use

All system management could be finish using browser, no need much specialized knowledge, supervisor and agents could start work quickly.

  • Higher stability

asterCC provides many HA solution, customer could choose based their budget, and they can upgrade when need.