What is IVR system ?

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is an interactive voice response, is a powerful automatic telephone service system. It uses pre-recorded or TTS (text-to-speech technology) voice synthesis system automatically answered. A base case IVR application is automated attendant or voice menu: to provide a system for customers to navigate menu features, customers can get a response by selecting a number, or enter the extension number. Automatic call system without human agent to handle the call.

More complex IVR applications include pharmacy prescription supplement, password reset, voice surveys, account balance inquiries, flight status inquiries, track packages, pre-qualification questionnaire. Its core idea is to save time and manpower, automate repetitive tasks by default. Energy efficient IVR solutions can provide customers with a very fast return on investment (ROI).

Since its launch, due to good return on investment, IVR systems are widely welcomed by the market, has a four-port (represented can handle four calls), the price may reach thousands of dollars. IVR systems as the traditional telephone system add-ons, commonly used in applications other communication conference connection, voice messaging and the like.

Basic and main features

IVR systems can play voice prompts (audio), collect data from caller. Traditional graphic interactive interface is converted to voice interaction usually need to purchase additional software, greatly increasing the cost of the platform.

Typically, IVR system supports to record audio via telephone. The user can record prompts word through extension, but the quality is often poor. asterCC accept pre-recorded audio or TTS capabilities, allowing customers to enter text, the system will automatically convert text into speech.

IVR applications can be frequent data exchange with other systems. In asterCC, it allows you to use web service to query/update from 3rd system.


The main advantage of IVR is to reduce the level staff, automated processing boring and repetitive tasks. In the relatively simple task, input and output values can be communicated by telephone, the automation of basic customer service functions will be able to operate effectively.

In addition, IVR system 24 hours unlimited service. A suitably configured IVR system can do for your company is still able to provide excellent service in a non-operating time.

IVR systems can easily support multiple languages, so that your business can serve the international market and domestic multi-lingual customer.

use asterCC as IVR system

asterCC commercial as a powerful IVR platform that encompasses a wealth of features: Audio playback and recording, digital collection, rich APIs, TTS speech synthesis and speech recognition interfaces. Graphical editor that allows non-expert users to establish a professional system, using the interface also allows programmers to achieve a variety of complex applications by programming language.

Compare all IVR systems, asterCC commercial version of its unique system has many advantages, the most significant is the price. asterCC running on commodity hardware, and using low-cost PSTN interface hardware, significant savings in hardware costs. Later asterCC agent licenses at no additional charge, each license will automatically receive four concurrent IVR authorization.