Telephone questionnaire

Telephone Questionnaire, also known as CATI, namely Computer-assisted telephone interviewing . INTERVIEWER using this telephone interview technique, the work can be carried out according to script software. This is a structured system (technology?), Micro data collected by telephone, in order to achieve accelerated microdata phone and edit the same time, the interviewer may also guide the respondents to provide a more immediate and accurate information. According to the respondents provided different answers, as well as conditions on the basis of known information of the respondents, the questionnaire to be implemented by custom software. Generally software can be widely used in B2B (inter-enterprise managing mode) and enterprise sales.

CATI will work as follows

  • the need for respondents to use computer-based questionnaire telephone interviews
  • interviewer in front of a computer screen work
  • according to the instruction, the computer for outgoing calls
  • once connected, the interviewer read out the question appears on the screen, the computer recorded the respondents’ answers
  • With the collected data, the interim report also constantly updated at any time to generate
  • The software has built-in logic to enhance the accuracy of the data
  • The system can personalize the issue and control the unreasonable answer, as will the percentage of the sum is not 100% the case
  • The software has built-in branching logic, you can skip inappropriate questions, or to get more information under the approved conditions

CATI usage

Start a questionnaire for the research module is designed asterCC professional CATI system, as the system of continuous improvement, then surgery can be used as scripts, usage

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Market Research
  • Voice questionnaire
  • Call script


  • Questionnaire preview
  • Questionnaire template
  • Supports a variety of question types
  • Questionnaire group
  • Questionnaire jumping
  • Questionnaire quota
  • Bind to campaign or customer service
  • Voice survey


supports question group, fill up, quota, logical jump





for further analysis, you can export to excel or spss file