asterBilling is a real time billing software. It could be used mainly for hosted callshop solution, or billing for office IP PBX system.

asterBilling features:

  1. work with all asterisk based system
  2. realtime billing
  3. prepaid/postpaid support
  4. maximum 240 simultaneous calls support
  5. booth lock/unlock
  6. booth/callshop/reseller credit limit
  7. mulit-callshop support in one system
  8. mulit-reseller support in one system
  9. each customer/callshop/reseller could use a rate template or use specific rate
  10. callback with credit limit support (billing lega/legb/both)
  11. reseller rate/callshop rate/customer rate three level billing
  12. admin/reseller/callshop admin/operator four user types
  13. rate import/export
  14. hangup calls
  15. web script part is open source
  16. profit calculate
  17. Grid layout
  18. CDR search/browser
  19. credit operation history
  20. agi for calling card and internal pbx billing
  21. billing for clid
  22. two login interface(manger/clid)
  23. inbound billing
  24. print receipt
  25. advance stastic reports
  26. callshop titile and logo
  27. multi-language support (Chinese, English,German)
  28. shortcut for choose date in report page
  29. archive function in CDR page
  30. display more infomation in callshop page(Amount,Cost,Limit,Current Credit,Available Balance)
  31. payment type(Cash,Credit card,Debit card,Promotion,Other)
  32. checkout in Receipt page
  33. search rate by destination in callshop page
  34. customers module
  35. CDR for customers
  36. dynamic/static discount rate for customers
  37. licence with time limit
  38. support German
  39. ASR/ACD in Report page
  40. display the buy rates when adding/editing the sell rates
  41. support hungup call if no rate or not in group
  42. billing by source channel
  43. 5 free channels license
  44. generate sip extension and sip reload by admin
  45. display connect speed of clid
  46. comment in credithistory
  47. reloadrate, useSrcchanWhenNoClid
  48. shortcut update customer rate for groupadmin
  49. support payment by paypal
  50. reload or restart asterisk in web