Construction Bank and astercc call center system work together to innovate

By February 11, 2019Blogs

 call center system | Construction Bank | outbound call | call center solution China Construction Bank Suzhou Branch is the first tier-one branch directly managed by the head office in Suzhou. There are 12 branch-level branches including Kunshan Branch and Wujiang Branch. The total number of business outlets is 225, and 360 seats of asterCC call center system software are used.

Before using the astercc call center system, Suzhou Construction Bank mainly faced the following major problems: In the first category, the problems occurred during the outbound call were complex and varied, resulting in a very high failure rate of the outbound call frequency.

The other type is that the production environment of the system itself has more defects in the logic, resulting in a large number of problems.

When Suzhou Construction Bank sought to cooperate with us, before using the asterCC call center system, we first helped Suzhou CCB conduct a comprehensive troubleshooting to solve the bugs that occurred, and the overall network hardware was also optimized for overall hardware failure.

After that, we customized the customized service according to the characteristics of Suzhou Construction Bank.

Customization 1: Due to the large number of CCB outlets and the large amount of data, the traditional manual picking and screening of data is time-consuming and laborious. Therefore, according to this situation, we develop the function of automatically assigning data according to the network. The information data-seat-sites are automatically allocated.

Reduce workload and resource investment while achieving greater returns.

Customization 2: The most important thing in the banking system is the data management of customer privacy. According to this demand, astercc successfully creates the function of data privacy processing, ensuring that the data is carried out between the server and the server, the data is not floor-to-floor, and the FTP is developed.

Greatly increase the confidentiality of data, more secure and reliable.

After the astercc call center system was built and used, the number of failures of the overall system of Suzhou Construction Bank was greatly reduced, and the success rate of the outbound call was greatly improved. This was the biggest feeling of CCB after the asterCC call center was put into use. The maintenance work of the CCB Information Department was also reduced. After the CCB recommended the asterCC call center system to the head office in Suzhou in 2018, Tianjin Construction Bank is in contact with us.In the future, astercc can bring you countless possibilities to maximize benefits. Visit our website at to learn more