How to settings campaign trunks for different purposes

By December 8, 2016Tutorials

1、Set the trunks in team

If the team only bind a trunk, rather than the trunkgroups, then the team under the outside call marketing tasks can only be carried out through the trunk call, as follows:


2、Set the trunk in the accountgroups

Campaign marketing tasks need to bind with a agentgroup, while each agnet in the agnetgroup belongs to the corresponding account.

Forexample there have a test team, the team have 5 accounts, they are: astercc0-astercc4, and this team bind a test accountgroup,trunkgroups have 3 trunks, they are: trunk01, trunk02, trunk03. we want gave this team a campaign, The trunk (or trunkgroups) to be used when specifying the outgoing call, example: trunk01 How to configure?

3、Add the accounts of the task’s agentgroup to the accountgroup

For example, let the agent01 and the agent02 use the trunk01 for outgoing call marketing. We need to add the corresponding accounts astercc0 and astercc1 to the accountgroup01, as shown below:


4、Setting up trunks(groups) for accountgroup


Then, set the trunk of the accountgroup to trunk01, as shown below:

5、Set the trunk for dialer

If the campaign Marketing task uses dialed, specify which campaign account to use for which campaign call is to be used. Need to choose to use the trunk01 accountgroup account, such as: astercc0 or astercc1, as shown below:


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