FAQ for Call Center System Usage (updated regularly)

By January 6, 2017Tutorials

1、Q: How many agents and devices can the system support?
A: 2000 devices registered, but the more devices support need to do development.

2、Q: How many conference calls can be supported in the conference room?
A: We tested 30 people, but more didn’t test.

3、Q: The system support SIP phone to register system with TLS protocol?
A: support, reference method【Goto Page

4、Q:Can I set the number of calls per unit time on the trunk, or limit the total number of calls, when the number reaches a certain limit, this relay is not available?
A: The system does not have this feature, after the version will be supported.

5、Q: How to deal with historical data of cc10_curpbxcdrs table in the system?
A: At the time of the call due to unknown failure to produce error call records, these legacy data can not be processed, but you can view the astercc system log is what causes the failure.

6、The system modify license the largest agents, the login page prompt error 403, how to deal with?
A: The page return 403 error, the system agents more than the maximum number of agents authorized, so to delete the excess agents, you can log on to the admin account operation.

7、Q: How to clone trunks in system?
A: The need to upgrade the system to astercc2.6-rc1

8、Q: Voice mail to 100 after the no longer added?
A: In /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf you can add maxmsg = 1000 fix it.

9、Q: When login WEB get information can not connect to the server, how to fix it?
A: The reference method【Goto Page

10、Q:”Agent details” as long as the show a few, each time to open it, it’s already set good, how to achieve this?
A: This is related to the current use of the browser cookie is set on the current browser, as long as not cleanup cookie will use the browser has been in force.。

11、Q: Afetr to make a score, the statistics’s “Rate Log” score records can not be displayed?
A: The reference method.【Goto Page

12、Q: Why the PBX records data is duplicated?
A: crontab-l check at * * * * * /opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc/astcc_historydata -d is running the two, delete one.

13、Q: AsterCC system Is there an offline use manual?
A: Yes,【Download

14、Q: How to set the bomb screen, Workorder status is to continue tracking state for default?
A: 【Campaigns】–> 【Basic】 there is a “Default Stateus”

15、Q: AsterCC system tts speech synthesis is not available?
A: AsterCC system tts voice synthesis based on google-related services, the service is not available, asterCC tts is no longer available.

16, Q: While “realtime” program is always down?
A: Direct execute /opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc/astcc_realtime to see what is wrong. Sometimes if the load large, realtime will automatically restart, the basic does not affect anything.

17, Q: The page prompt recycle all current condition data always failed?
A: This error prompt is WEB obtain message time out, but the process is running.