How to build a common contacts in virtual office

By January 4, 2017Tutorials

Tips: This article tell how to build a common contacts for virtual office.

1、The common contacts in virtual office, list will show the contact information, similar to a phone book.


2、as follows to add it:【Call Center】–>【Common Contacts】–> Click the “Add” button


Team:  Specifies the contact’s scope

Group:  Specifies the contact’s range

Model Type:  Specifies the range of the contact

Model ID:  Specifies the contact’s range

Contact:  The name of the contact.

Phone:  Contact phone number for consultation or transfer

show phone:  Whether the agent can see the telephone number. (Does not affect the dial-up, a privacy protection)

Description:  A description of this contact.

Status:  A hint, visible to the agent, is often used in a virtual call center to inform the agent when this contact is suitable for contact.

3、【Virtual Office】–>【Customer】–>Edit the “virtual office” which you add –> click “Add AgentLink” as, follows:


4、In the virtual office page, the common contacts list.


5、As follows, you can click one of the iformation from list to transfer he.