The logs of system-related about asterCC

By December 19, 2016Tutorials

Tips:  It is a file or file sets that saved operation for the event records including the kernel, services and system’s modules, different log file records different information. For example,some of the default system log file,records some specific modules.

1、Description of log files under /var/log/asterisk directory

Firstly,you need to enable logging function of asterisk.remove the note(semicolon) in front of the “messages => notice,warning,error” and “full => notice,warning,error,debug,verbose,dtmf,fax” in the file of /etc/asterisk/logger.conf,as shown below:


Then,you can find serveral files named “full.xxxx” and “messages” under the direction of /var/log/asterisk.You can delete these files if you can ensure that no longer use them.

Tips:  No matter enabling or removing log files, it will worked only execute the following command after you finished:asterisk -rx “logger reload”
2、Description of log files under /opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc directory

How to enable the logging of asterCC ? You should update the value of field named “debug” in the file of /etc/asterisk/logger.conf,it belongs to [system],only “debug” is a integer that greater than 0,the logging of asterCC modules can be worked,for example:debug=2.It measns the logging function is disabled when debug=0.

After enabling the setting under /opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc directory,you will see several log files corresponding module,and the suffix of names are “.log”,such as:astcc_dialer.log,it is the log of pre-dial module.


3、Description of log files under /tmp/astcceventslog directory

The records of calling events logged under /tmp/astcceventslog directory,the naming rule is:eventsfile_yearmonthday.log,the logs can be saved for 5 days recently by default.Generally speaking,don’t delete the call event logs of last 5 days,you must preserve the log files today.