How to modify the astercc system database address

By December 21, 2016Tutorials

Description: The files of the database configuration, mainly in astercc.conf and database.php two documents.

1、astercc.conf file

Open the /etc/astercc.conf file, you will see a lot of configuration labels, and [database] and [statistics] is the database mysql configuration, as follows:

Execute command "vim /etc/astercc.conf" to open astercc.conf file.

修改 astercc 系统 的 数据库 地址

修改 astercc 系统 的 数据库 地址

Field Description:

status: Whether to turn on this set.
dbtype: Databases type.
dbhost:MySQL’s address.
dbname: Database name.
dbport: MySQL’s port.
username:MySQL login username.
password:MySQL login password.
prefix: The astercc10’s tables prefix.
shortringsec: Recordings less than the value is not included in the statistics.

2、database.php file

Execute command to open /var/www/html/asterCC/app/config/database.php file, at the end of the file you will see “class DATABASE_CONFIG” label on the database mysql configuration, simply modify the default configuration can be, as follows:

vim /var/www/html/asterCC/app/config/database.php

修改 astercc 系统 的 数据库 地址

Field Description:

driver: Databases type.
persistent:Whether to set the database to stay connected status.
host:MySQL’s address.
login:MySQL login username.
password:MySQL login password.
database: Database name.
prefix:The astercc10’s tables prefix.
encoding:Database character encoding type.

Reference Document: asterCC’s official reference connection