Answer asterCC some common questions

By December 26, 2016Tutorials

1、Scoring on the issue of the queue don’t see the result after hangup.

After hangup. But the “Rate Log” can’t see the score result. Possible reason is that “php-soap” isn’t installed, you can download the rpm installation package from the following address.Make sure to install the “ius” source to use, as follows:
yum install php55u-soap.x86_64

2、Didn‘t install “lame” lead to the recording file can’t be converted to mp3.

On the asterCC system execute command, as follows:
yum install lame.x86_64

3、You have “Quality Control” customer information, but can’t listen to the recording, the campaign CDRs is empty, but you PBX CDRs can be found records.

Because the system didn’t receive the agent’s hangup signal, resulting in mysql “astercc10” “cc10_cache_campaign_cdrs” table corresponding to the CDRs didn’t have endtime, and not been imported into the campaign table, if the campaign number is “1”. Then the campaign table for “the cc10_1_campaigncdrs”. View “endtime”, “duration”, “billsec” field, and then identified by the “diallogid” field, in the table “cc10_cache_campaign_cdrs” query these three fields “endtime”, “duration”, “billec”, the values is “0000-00-00 00:00:00”, “0”, “0”, according to “cc10_pbxcdrs” three field values modify “cc10_cache_campaign_cdrs” three field value.

How to fix this QC record? The data will be inserted into the campaign table, so the quality control can use records.
insert into cc10_1_campaigncdrs select * from cc10_cache_campaign_cdrs where diallogid="xxxxxxxxxxxxxx";