config trunk and failover trunk in asterbilling

By May 27, 2010Tutorials

in the new asterbilling, we provide a reselleroutbound.agi, so you can specific different reseller use different trunk (ex. each reseller use a account in a2billing), and you can config a failover trunk for the reseller.


a) in your asterisk, add a context in your dialplan for reselleroutbound.agi, in directory scripts, we also provided a conf file named “extensions_astercc.conf”, [asterbilling- outbound] is the context for reselleroutbound.agi, if you have installed astercc via the shell script, this conf file will be moved to your asterisk etc folder, and add a new line in your extensions.conf  “#include extensions_astercc.conf”, now you can use [asterbilling-outbound] as the context for asterbilling, if you are using asterCC-Box, it’s configed already. If you installed astercc manually, you would like to copy  extensions_astercc.conf  to asterisk etc folder(usually it’s /etc/asterisk ), and add the include line in your extensions.conf (#include extensions_astercc.conf, if it’s a system based freepbx, please add this line to /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf)



b)config the trunk for reseller


when clid dialout, it’ll use turnk1 first and if  dail failed, it’ll try to dial by trunk2

There are three type of trunk: auto,default and customize

auto:reselleroutbound.agi don’t proccess anything,and  goto next step of context

default:your can select a default trunk that set in [resellertrunk] segment asterbilling.conf.php,  could be set tow default system trunk:

[resellertrunk] trunk1_type = sip
trunk1= reselleroutbound1
trunk2_type = sip
trunk2= reselleroutbound2

customize:add new trunk for this reseller,should click “reload” button to generate asterisk conf file when saved trunk infomation


when you add the trunk for the first time, when you reload, if will have two conf file: sip_astercc_registrations.conf  and  sip_astercc_trunks.conf , if you are not using astercc-box, please include these files to your sip.conf(for freepbx based system, please add  #include sip_astercc_registrations.conf to /etc/asterisk/sip_registrations_custom.conf, and add #include sip_astercc_trunks.conf  to /etc/asterisk/sip_custom.conf, and then do sip reload in asterisk , for the next time you add trunk, just need click the “reload” button.

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