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asterCC released a new module to support social media app: wechat

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In the latest asterCC 2.2-alpha, we released a new module, with the new module, call center could provide service for social media app users.

It includes features:

  • ACD for agents
  • Set a limit for concurrent clients each agent could serve
  • Receive recordings
  • Receive images
  • Receive and sent text

In the new upgrade, it also provides some new features

  • In campaign, agent could dial a number to finish a call from his dial list, then with a IVR, he can save the call result
  • Follow me
  • Configure displayed and exported customer field permissions for BPO account
  • Dial *+ext. to reach voicemail
  • Dial * during voicemail greeting to reach a voicemail
  • Dial 0 to reach receptionist during voicemail greeting
  • Use wild char in template to get replaced with customer information in template

To use 2.2-alpha, you need to install asterCC 2.1 first, then go to System Modules to upgrade

Download:   http://astercc.org/downloads

Change log: http://wiki.astercc.org/doku.php?id=en:change_log:astercc-2.2-alpha_changelog



Thanks for your support.