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How to upgrade to asterCC 1.2-beta

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Go to system modules, when there’re new modules or upgrades, it will give “DOWNLOAD” or “INSTALL” button

click the DOWNLOAD button, copy the download url

login to system via ssh, go the astercc upgrade directory, like /var/www/html/asterCC/data/_cache, use wget to download the package

you can also download the package on your pc first, then upload the the directory

refresh system moduels page, you will see UPGRADE button

Click OK to start upgrade, during  UPGRADING, system service may stop

Because in 1.2-beta, assterCC use a new nginx module, so you need upgrade nginx from ssh, copy the command we will use

Login from ssh, run the command, please make sure the server gets internet access, or else it could not upgrade

when it’s finished, you will see

refresh the system modules page, you will see now it’s latest version