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How to modify the http port

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Tip: Make sure your web server don’t have any work to do the following.

1、Modify the nginx configuration file to add a new port

View the nginx’s configuration file nginx.conf:
Nginx configuration file nginx.conf in the directory /usr/local/nginx/conf , the absolute path of the source installation or installation of the compiler is different, asterCC default path in /usr/local/nginx/conf/nginx.conf under.

Modify the nginx.conf add a new port:
Please use vim open nginx.conf find the server part as follows the default port is 80:

Modify port 80 as 8080, vim save the changed file. CentOS is executed as follows:
service nginx reload/restart

2、Modify iptables rules to access port 8080

View the current iptables rules:

Input command iptables -nL view the current iptables rules,if there is no allow 8080 port access rules, will be 80 port on the tcp protocol set to allow access to the table.

iptables add new port rules:
Input command:
iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 8080 -j ACCEPT
INPUT chain to add the tcp protocol port 8080 is set to allow.

Input command:
iptables -nL
View if INPUT has added a new rule

Save and effective
After confirmation, input command:
service iptables save

Save the newly added rules, otherwise restart or shutdown will rule invalid.
service iptables restart
Restart iptables to make the new rule take effect, as shown below:


3、Modify the asterCC system settings for the http push

【system】–>【settings】–> “ADVANCED SETTINGS SYSTEM” –> “HTTP Push Link”IP address, add the port number 8080, as shown below: