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Why I cant see some records in CDR page in my asterBilling?

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sometimes when you go CDR page to check CDRs for resellers, groups or some clid in your system, but nothing there or some records missed, and then u go database and checked, find there’s data in cdr table “mycdr”, so why it’s missed in asterBilling interface? Reason 1: historyCdr issue check your asterbilling.conf.php in asterbilling web scripts folder sc1 by default the option is “useHistoryCdr = 1”, and asterbilling CDR page will go table “historycdr” to fetch data, but astercc daemon only put data to table “mycdr” untill someone “checkout” the records, the data will be moved to table “historycdr”, so if u cant find all data in web interface, change this option to “0” or “checkout” the records. click Clear to checkout Reason 2: clid issue Even though the astercc daemon will put all CDR it get to database, but not all records will be billed, only after you set the “clid” in asterbilling. So if u see the value of fields “resellerid” and “groupid” in “mycdr” is -1, please check if u set the “clid” correctly, the “src” field should be matched with clid. sc3