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How to migration the mysql’s databases directory to other device

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Tips: Make sure the system don’t running any work to do commands as follow.

Because of the large number of records caused by growing for databases,will take up a lot of hard disk space,so we should mount other devices to the local server, migrate the database directory to the mounted path, and then connect the directory to the server’s original location.

1、Stop the mysql server from the asterCC server

Login the CentOS system,view the mysql server is running as follows:
service mysqld status



Make sure the system don’t running any work to do commands as follow:
service mysqld stop



After stop mysql server please view the mysql server whether already stop.

2、The original database directory is backed up before the migration

Mount other device for asterCC server, forexample the /mnt directory or other directory from centos.

Migration the /var/lib/mysql directory copy to /mnt directory,as follows:
cp -Rp /var/lib/mysql /mnt



Because of the databases is very lurge, please wait this command for some time.

The directory /var/lib/mysql,rename as mysql.bak, as follows:
mv /var/lib/mysql /var/lib/mysql.bak



3、Link the new database directory to the original directory location

After copy the mysql directory,link the new database directory to the original directory /vra/lib, as follows:

ln -s /mnt/mysql /var/lib



4、Start the mysql server

Strat the mysql server:
service mysqld start



At this point you can view the status of the command to see whether the mysql is running,make sure can loginthe mysql system, view the call records for verification.
After all operations have been confirmed to be successful, you can delete the original data directory mysql.bak backup file to save the server space.