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The successful application about asterCC in questionnaire system of call center

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“Use astercc systems enable us to bid farewell to original one hand phone one hand record of all the traditional mode, and fundamentally improved customer service, just click on a “start” button and it is automatically set number, then screen out the customer information and contact information, and the main content of the conversation will be kept in the system, to pay a visit after return.Customer are satisfied with the system, efficiency upgrading and the work becoming more and more relaxed”

——from the evaluation of one client


Project Background

D-NOTICE ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT CO,LTD in shijiazhuang was established by 2009, one company that work for all enterprise and public institution and provide business processes outsourcing (BPO) and institutions overall outsourcing service of professional service management vendors. The company mainly develop IT project research and development, call center outsourcing, customer service management and process management and process of recycling outsourcing service products. In technical research mainly aim at the various of needs in call center and analysis and design to satisfy all kinds of needs in call center. In leading the technology, high quality services to develop into two major call center at the base, a product development center of corporate framework. The service incorporate management system and advanced technique to develop its strengths with Baidu China, zhejiang Dnnice group, China telecom, China Unicom, Hisense group, etc. for the establishment of the long-term stability of the partnership. astercc to make D-NOTICE become more strong. Make up for the shortages of previous system, maximize their enterprises and achieved a perfect combination technology. In the near future,D-NOTICE must be move towards to globalization、 collectivization enterprise, to develop into a comprehensive and diversified outsourced service provider.

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About asterCC

Modern call center, it is far more than handle incoming call and outgoing call, call center it is a technique. lie in making the calls more digitization, management and storage, search, etc. astercc collect all the advantages of comprehensive, full operation,achieve the least workload the highest efficiency.

Functional modules:

1、astercc can help you record every customer every time to speak, when a customer calling on the screen will turn up the customer information and communication history records.

2、astercc can design an interactive voice menu to provide one-stop information service.

3、astercc also offers professional questionnaire system and autodialer,open up a door in calls for you.

4、astercc automatically generates various of data reports, use of the report roll , you can soon analysis the pieces of information from thousands of conversation.

In addition, astercc also offers some utility tools, for example, setting and warning tasks, using the phone,message and email to promote and publicize, you may through the google map find the way or path, etc.

System management interface