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Call center how to manage callerid number

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Tips:Transport callerid number requires relay support.

1. When we need to set different callerid number for different applications, the order in which the system uses the calling numbers is as follows:

1) Truck callerid number (Mandatory).
2) Agent callerid number (Login status).
3) Campaign callerid number (Login status).
4) Device callerid number.
5) Truck callerid number.

2. Telephone system

Mandatory use of a unified calling number.

Callerid number can be forced on a specify trunk in the system, and all outbound through this trunk ignore any other settings and use this callerid number.

3. Telephone system

Use a uniform callerid number, sometmes devices require a separate callerid number.

4. Own call center

The agent has a separate callerid number

When the phone is checkin as a agent device, the system will priority to use the agent callerid number, otherwise the device callerid number will be used.

5. Campaign call center

Each campaign has a separate callerid number.