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Eaka chain hotel 400 customer service contact goes online

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Shijiazhuang Guoda Group has 3 chain hotel brands—Eaka 365, Gogo inn, and Tony inn, and the hotel number of these 3 brands is estimated to reach 200 in 3 years. To better serve the guests, the group decided to employ astercc call center system.

The 400 call center requires 24-hour service, high quality of voice and fax. Therefore, sangoma E1 card with echo cancel has been chosen for the hardware side.

After a month’s system customization and test, the system was put online on December, 6, 2012.

The system realized the following functions,

  • IVR and point inquiries via IVR
    • Customers are able to choose service types, self-service inquiry, human service or voice mail according to IVR menu.
    • Customers can inquire their reward points through IVR (integrated with 啊3rd party reservation system).
  • Inbound popups
    • When customers call 400 numbers and choose human service, a page contains customer information (integrated with reservation system), and rechargeable card information would pops up.
    • When the customer has the intention to book a room, the agent can directly switch to the reservation system and finish the booking.
  • Customer Callback
    • Each hotel picks guests randomly and the agents call them back for feedbacks, using astercc telephone inquiring system.
  • Missed calls callback
    • When customers choose human service and eventually give up wait because the agent is busy handling other things, agents can call back or create a ticket via the missed call list in the system.
  • Ticket
    • Admin creates three tickets flow: consultation, complain, customer care, system pre-defined the ticket flow, it would stay in ticket queue waiting assignment automatically or manually.
  • Knowledge base
    • We added permission assignment to the knowledge base, and new knowledge submitted by agents can be published after being approved by team leaders.
  • Integrated SMS
    • The system is integrated to a 3rd party SMS system, so agents can simple click the preset SMS template (like hotel address etc) to customers.
  • Integrated FAX
    • The system has fax interface, and can fax the PDF reservation order generated by the reservation system to the hotel.