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Answers to call center call results attribution questions

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1、Customer number A related to seat B, customer status is successful, there is a call record can be checked by the agent C dial, but the customer information but no seat attribution.

Customer data is repeatedly imported, after the import is not assigned to change the customer does not belong to any agent. The pre-dialing begins to work the customer answers, the system will send the customer to the seat wiring. The customer hangs up after answering, but the agent fails to pick up the customer’s phone. As no one received the customer phone, the customer is still in the undistributed state to see is the seat number = 0, the name null. However, the system will not allocate the customer to the agent, so the client’s seat is still 0.

2、There are four ways for a customer to belong to an agent.

  1. Administrator Assignment.
  2. Active acquisition (agent interface has a get button).
  3. Successfully answer the pre-dial assigned traffic.
  4. Agents to add their own customers.

3、You can in the Outbound Marketing –> Outbound Marketing Task –> open the specific outbound marketing tasks –> “basic information” under “manually assigned tasks” in the query to the number, manually assign this customer to the agent To resolve this.