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Call center system related concepts

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Introduction: AsterCC is an advanced call center system, while providing a powerful CRM functionality, including the main funtction of the inbound / outbound, call recording, IVR, queue, etc. This article will describle related concepts.

1、account,agent and device differences and connections.

account: Used to manage the system, including system administrator, team administrator and users of three.
System administrator account: Used to manage the entire system, is the highest privileged account.
Team administrator account: Used to manage a team, including accounts, agents etc.
Users: Is the basic unit and also the billing unit, a user can contain more agents and devices.
Devices: Devices can be divided into internal devices and external devices, device numbers can be calling with each other through the inside.
Internal devices: The device in the asterisk system, such as a SIP, an IAX, or a DAHDI device. When a device extension dials an outside number, the cost will be counted in the user.
External devices: External devices refers to an ordinary telephone, the external device can only accept calls from the system.
Internal numbers: For example, 5000 is the extension number of an external device (number 041139735857), then when the other extension dials 5000, the system will try to call 041139735857. The extension number is the same as the extension number.

Tips:When the system dials an extension that attempts an outside number, the cost of the call is recorded on the account corresponding to the external devices.

Agent: For call center operations, including inbound and outbound, agents are assigned to different agentgroups and assigned to different tasks. Need to connect a device for this agent or enter an external number.
Set the agent’s device we can select, as follows:
fixed: The agent select to a fixed number (which can be inside or outside), the agent can’t modified.
self-adapting:The system will check whether the IP address of the agent login is registered with the IP phone, and if so, it will switch to the number corresponding to the IP phone.
dynamic:The agent can switch at any time his corresponding number (the system will check whether there are other agents to use the number)

2、The agent login, logout, checkin, and checkout the instructions.

login: Refers to the agent or the user enter the username password to enter the system.
logout: Refers to the agent or the user exits the system, this operation may be proactive logout, also may be the system that the agent timeout and automatically logout.
checkin: The agent login queue.
checkout: The agent logout queue.

Tips:When the agent logout, at this time the checkout also done, but if both terminals login with the same agent account and check in, the system will not change the checkin status when one of the terminals closes the window. For a static agent, the system will not check out automatically.