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Call Center campaign screen page add settings work order function

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Tips: This article describes the use of campaign inbound, in the customer data bomb screen page, add work order creation.

1、Left management list【Campaign】–>【Results】–> Enter the call result management page.

Call result displayed in the outbound page from agent. After the agent and client have finished the call, they need to select the processing status of the customer, fill in the contact details and the call result (an overview of the call).

2、Outbound call for campaign statistics report, will count the frequency of occurrence of various call results。

3、Set detailed call results, and provide agents in accordance with the actual situation accurately select the appropriate call results, help to improve the value of customer data, when the second use based on the call results can be screened out more effective customers, save time to improve the agent Work efficiency.

Click 【Add】 button,open the Results page.

Name:The name of result, it used to mark the result of calling(for example: DNC, poweroff etc.).

Dispose Status:Set the result rely on a status.If this happens, agents can only select results that belong to the corresponding status.

Status:Set this result belongs to which status, include: ANSWERED or NOANSWER.

Team:Whether bind the result to a specific team.The result can be used only in campaign belong to this team if you select.

Canpaign:Whether specify the using scope of this result, specific campaign or all.

Work order:Whether bind the work order to this result.

Only when the campaign using the main table customer, in the customer pop-up screen data page, select the binding work orders call results, see the ability to create work orders.