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asterCC call center release 2.0-beta

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asterCC Commercial call center system released 2.0-beta, from 1.x to 2.x, we are now using asterisk 1.8 !

Download:  http://astercc.org/downloads

For change log, please check

For upgrade from 1.2.2 to 2.0beta

In the new version, we provides lots of new features,

Some main features are

  • Request Callback: Caller could request a call back in IVR, then the request will be sent to missed call page, and the agent will get a notify in the same time so they can call back when they are free.
  • Auto-Answer Sip Header: When click-dial and predictive dialer, when system call phone, we could enable this option so the IP-Phone could answer the call automaticly, when it’s a regular inbound call, it would not auto-answer
  • Hangup Report: System could give a report which show the latest 10 hangup reason, it could be useful to analyse trunk status
  • Auto Disable Failure Trunk: When there’s a call failure in a trunk continued, the trunk will be disabled automaticly, this could be used in a trunk group as a redundancy
  • Inbound Route based Caller ID: In inbound route, you could route the call based on their caller id, like different country to different queue
  • Speed Dial for Callback: agent could dial *73 to check history calls and make a quick call back
  • Auto route to last agent: When caller enter a queue, system will try match the last agent he talked to, or the agent he belonged to, if no match or the agent is not available to answer, caller will queue.
  • Hangup SMS/Email: system could send a SMS/Email when customer hangup in a call
  • Logistics: In e-commerce it supports logistics management
  • IVR: we add some good IVR features in this version, it can support more complicated IVR design
    • TTS integration: you can call your tts application in webservie
    • Multi-Action in one IVR node
    • send DTMF: In an IVR, you can send dtmf digital to the other channel
    • Math and String function
    • user-to-user data:  in IVR, you can use the variable in SIP message