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“Agent Mode” manually call back the specific operational processes

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Agent group in a system may correspond to multiple applications of multiple modules. If an agent makes an outbound call directly from an device, the system can not know which application it is calling. To solve this problem, you need the following settings.

1.【PBX 】 –> 【Devices】–> Find the device used by the agent -> In the “Advanced “, find the “Agent Mode” and change it to “enable”.


2. 【User】 –>【Agents】 –> open the target agent to be set up -> Basic -> set a “Current Agent Group”.


3. 【User】 –> 【Agent Groups】 –> open the specific agent group -> Basic -> “Current Application Type” is used to help you select the “Current Application”.


When the agent uses the device to make outbound calls, the system will know that it is working for the current outbound agent group. Combined with the “Current Application” set in the agent group, the system records the call in this application and helps you pop up the processing page for this application.

When making anoutbound call, make sure that the agent is in an idle. Second, the agent is not in the ACW, when agent in ACW, will not record a new call.
The agent in the group is Static and Offline, which allows the agent to get outbound records and without work on the page.