Useful reports in outbound call center

Useful reports in outbound call center

Outbound call center is mainly concerned about the contract situation, agents efficiency and data usage.

Agent Statistics

  • This statistics provides agent work report, it could give all agents statistics in a campaign or several campaigns in a period of time



Campaign statistics

  • Click campaign → Statistics
  • System provides different reports based campaign, such as call result, success rate ..



Predictive dialer statistics

  • click dialer → Statistics
  • this reports gives all data in a campaign using predictive dialer, provides a reference for our set of pre-dialing parameters


Predictive dialer filter log

  • We use dialer filter to move the number from customer package to dialer list, say we can add a automatic dialer which execute every 9am, it will recycle all answered customers who did not talk to agent to dialer, then the dialer would dial them again
  • click dialer → filter_log
  • this log provides how dialer filer work


Campaign data monitor report



  • sasda says:

    how can i see that billing interface?
    is it new update? version: 0.16 in asterCC 0.21 is it available?

    • admin says:

      0.22 is the latest version, after the installation, login to asterbilling interface as callshop admin or operator you can see the booth interface.