Call Center Realtime Monitor

System Realtime Monitor

Realtime Monitor of the call center to help managers and operators to better understand the system running situation, find problems, asterCC commercial call center system provides a full range of monitoring functions

Agent Work Status

  • In this page, the system provides a real-time & automatically updated table for reference, Click realtimeLive Monitor
  • System will list all check-in agents, the agent status include:
    • Idle
    • Ringing
    • Talking
    • ACW(After Call Work)
    • Additional Call (such as in conference, consult)
  • As system administrator, team administrator or any other accounts which have the priviledge, they can see all agents status in agent group
  • As a group admin of one agent group, they can see the status of his group from agent portal page
agent_groupadmin_enrealtime_agent_group_admin_enTrunk Usage
  • The trunk usage page provides all calls detail in each trunk, Click realtimelive_trunk

Current Agents

  • The system supports multi-browser login through the page, you can see detailed information about the agents on line, Click realtimeagents

Current Accounts

  • Same as above, the page you can see the logged-on user information, Click realtimeaccounts

System Usage

  • This page provides the current system usage status, Click realtimeUsages