How does asterCC predictive dialer/voice broadcasting improve working efficiency in call center?

Dialer now is widely used in outbound calling system. Usually, it dials numbers, and switches to agents after the phones are answered. While another plays a record to customers, and switches to agents after finished. Thus, it saves the time which should have been used to dial, wait, deal with vacant numbers and wrong numbers.

Inevitable situations in dialer system:

  • Agents waiting: when not enough customers answer the calls, some agents will be waiting.
  • Customers waiting: when calls are over-placed, and all agents are on the phone, then the customers who answered phone will be waiting. It would be a waste.

So, how does asterCC dialer system avoid such situations and increase working efficiency?

asterCC predictive dialer system offers basic parameters and advanced parameters, and administrator can adjust parameters accordingly to improve agents’ working efficiency (talk time + ACW time/Check-in time)

  • Max. Calls: number of calls placed at the same time of this project (ringing + talking + waiting) set a coefficient according to the vacant agents number
  • Available Agents:  set a coefficient according to the vacant agents number
  • Dialer Limit, Dialer interval: to avoid high load to gateway caused by too many calls placed at the same time. Each time, the system only places the set number of calls, and dials once again after interval
  • Average Answered Rate:  calls answered/calls placed
  • Average Answered Ringing Time: the average ringing time of answered calls
  • Customer Wait: How long a customer is supposed waited in the queue

Besides, the system provides optional advanced parameters

  • Average Talking Time
  • Average ACW Time
  • Short Call Time: due to the fact that most calls of outbound calling system are short calls, that is, the calls are hung up after the opening, we added short call time(sec).
  • Short Call ACW Time: the ACW time(sec) of short calls
  • Short call Rate:  the rate of short calls to all answered calls

In the parameters above, the system provides a reference value, and administrator can adjust accordingly. When the dialer is placing calls, the parameters can be set to adjust dialing strategy, so as to achieve the balance between agents and customers.

The system also provides dialer statistical statement for references.

With asterCC dialer advanced settings, the working efficiency of agents reaches 90%. Take 8 hours for instance, the talk time of agents can attain 5.5 hours, rising by 37.5% compared to the previous conditions without the dialer system.