Operation call center

Like any business, every company has a goal of “thousands of calls per week”, and in fact the biggest goal of an enterprise is “to receive thousands of calls every day.” They chose the phone as the best method of communication because the phone is a more convenient channel than a chat window or email. More calls mean more business opportunities, which leads to better income.
However, what bothers companies is that their phone systems cannot keep up with their development. Large enterprises are effectively managing their inbound calls and require astercc to help them scale seamlessly.

Interactive voice response system

IVR or interactive voice response system is the core of the main enterprise inbound telephone system. People will make a phone call when they need to talk to you about an unsolvable problem. The IVR system can help your callers self-service to the correct agent according to their needs. It’s as simple as having your callers perform key presses based on their needs, and then direct them to the right representative or team. It can ensure that the call is distributed according to the caller’s needs, and the task of the agent is perfectly executed. We recommend that “Dial 1000 times a week” use IVR as the basis for handling incoming calls and create a call flow that works for them.
This is why companies choose IVR when there are thousands of phone calls per week.

They must take measures to reduce unnecessary call transfer time. Every minute saved helps to use the same number of seats to receive more customers. Therefore, they have operated the call center efficiently since then.

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